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Great Tips for Bloggers

Rule #1: Most people like pictures. Hence the “floral arrangements” in this post. (Smile)

Blog Photo - Hostas and Clematis

My last post was the most retweeted ever! Lots of interest. So today I’m sharing some tips which have worked for me, thanks to Lauren, my social media expert:  

  1. Be real. Life isn’t perfect and nor are you. Being real makes your blog interesting.  My book is hilarious in parts and I wanted my blog to be similarly uplifting and funny. But my injuries affect every part of my life — including my blogging schedule. I finally revealed a few of those difficulties — and my blog network supported me.
  2. Tell, don’t sell. Many of the bloggers I follow make products for sale – their books or paintings; farm products; furniture or vintage items. Some have a shop built into their site. But they know that blogging isn’t primarily a marketplace: it’s about engaging with others and sharing stories and ideas.
  3. Keep your posts short. Break up a longer post with images — or make it a short series.  Most of my posts are only 200- 500 words because I know that many people read a lot of blogs each week.
  4. Set aside time to read other blogs. I set aside time early morning and late evening/night to read and reply.  I’m slow, but I do it. That’s why following/having thousands of followers is not my goal. I couldn’t keep up!
  5. Blog Photo - flowers white daisies in vaseWrite a few posts now for later. I’m a wreck some days and stuck in bed. So I force myself to laugh by writing funny stories. My failures at baking, cooking, decorating a room or arranging flowers suddenly seem hilarious when described.  Then, on my worst days, I post them  — and smile at your great reactions.
  6. Blogging is a two-way street.  It’s not just a matter of ‘publishing’ your posts. Read other people’s stories, take an interest, respond. They’ll do the same. How true! I sometimes use my blog to highlight fabulous bloggers and other people; in turn, their supporters visit my blog, leaving great comments. Fascinating though I am (ha ha), my blog is not always about me.
  7. Follow up. When I disappear for a while, some bloggers check in. I appreciate this thoughtfulness and now do the same for others.
  8. Get help. I knew how to write, but didn’t understand social media. Among other things, an expert can make sure your blog is attractive, engaging and automatically distributed on many different platforms.

Blog Photo - Peonies and Solomon's Seal

This post is dedicated to all the bloggers in my network.


68 thoughts on “Great Tips for Bloggers”

      1. To my knowledge, the only red Clematis. Destroyed several trying to grow them in Atlanta – only to find out they need to be in Canada. Yours looks beautiful. Oh, well.

  1. Well done. Header picture is important as well. You make good visual use of the blog page with images(which not only attract attention all the way to the end of the post, but also give the eye/brain a brief rest), bold fonts, numbers.
    I never managed to get ahead enough to write posts for future…someday..
    Gotta make choices, and usually I pick the fun of visiting blogs and catching up with bloggers / responding to comments when I should be working ahead. …someday I’ll stretch more hours out of the day…or read/type faster.
    Great points. Enjoyed the visit

    1. I’m glad you approve! Remember, I only get ahead with my posts because I’m stuck in bed some days, or wide awake many nights and need the diversion. I don’t wish this on you at all! Seems to me you are doing very well, and reading other people’s posts is a good choice. It’s considerate too.

    1. I agree. These are the ones I finally stopped following. They never responded to my comments, and never Liked anything on my blog, so I figured they weren’t interested in my blog or my comments on their blog.

  2. AWESOME tips!! Especially #3 for me. I don’t have much time and so appreciate short posts with pictures. It’s a bit of an escape for me and I love all the wonderful places I visit and learn about without leaving my home!

    1. You’re also doing something interesting on your blog – you tell us about a dish you’ve made, then link us to your Facebook page for the recipe. I like that. Is this easier, or are you killing 2 birds with one stone?

      1. It is killing 2 birds with one stone as quite a few of my friends always ask me to share recipes and most are on facebook. p.s. I was up until 1:30 reading last night as I could not put your book down!!

  3. I’m still learning a lot from other people about blogging. Quite a variety of topics , styles and philosophies out there, and I have met many wonderful people. It is always a pleasure stopping by this blog! 🙂

    Our daffodils are in full bloom now on the south side of the old garage. Good sun exposure there.

    1. Indeed. Once we have a good start, we learn from others as we go along. One blogger noted the good practices I didn’t mention: my use of bolded text and numerals, and the design of my page.

  4. Now, look, there, at your beautifully real arrangements. So, okay, they may not be ready for a feature on House and Garden but they are quirky and definitely original. And, besides, they make me curious. You can use hosta leaves, my mind notes. And clematis? How does Cynthia’s clematis not wither immediately, like mine do, as soon as they are picked?

    I am pleased to hear I am not alone in dedicating time to answering comments and reading blogs. Unfortunately, I am a little too conscientious, methinks…… I feel have to answer and read everything before I publish my next post. I probably need to loosen up a bit.

    1. I try to tell my husband that my cooking, too is quirky and original! Yikes.

      The Hosta leaf idea came from my mother. The other floral ideas came from Lauren. (The talent for design skipped a generation. My 2 daughters are great.)
      I wonder if it’s just that Clematis — it actually lasts quite a few days in water. Has long stems too.
      You are conscientious, especially since your blog draws a lot of comments I’m always glad to hear from you!

      1. It could be that clematis. The native clematis that is in my header keeps a few days in a vase. It was my blue clematis that was such a disappointment in an arrangement. The snails ate all my hostas but if I see any else where I shall ask for some for my vases.

      2. Great idea.
        I don’t like snails. Or mosquitoes. Or earwigs. Or….. okay, ’nuff said. Although it was hail that attacked my large hosta leaves this year.

    1. I like your blog, so you must be doing something that keeps my interest. But I simply could not handle it if all the posts I read were long; I want to truly read what my blogger-friends have written.

      Lately, I’ve noticed that more and more bloggers I follow are reducing the lengths of their posts, or breaking up longer with pictures and the limited formatting WP allows. I really appreciate that.

      As for me: by writing a post and coming back to it later, I can sometimes spot stuff that’s redundant. Otherwise, it’s a challenge!

  5. Congratulations on all the re-blogs! It was a really good post and this one is too! You have already made a few very helpful suggestions to me which I try to follow – I will make a note of the others you mention above. I do get carried away and ramble on too much! I read Gallivanta’s reply with interest – I too feel I have to read and comment on all the blogs I follow before writing my own.

    1. It’s true – you and Gallivanta are very conscientious, and your replies are always interesting in and of themselves. I look forward to them every time! Your unique writing style and use of photos are a strong draw to me and others, so you are doing quite a few things right! Your home page looks great too!

  6. Fantastic post Cynthia! Your advice is spot-on – love how you weave photographs in with your discussion (btw beautiful floral arrangements). Thank you for such a kind post.

    1. You are very welcome. I get so much from my blogger friends, that it’s nice to have something to offer. That, plus my flower arrangements, which you kindly noticed! (tee hee.)

  7. Great tips, Cynthia. I especially like numbers 2 and 3. Although I do follow one great blog with very LONG posts, I prefer shorter ones. But his are great and sometimes I go back several times to finish it up. 😀 You’rs are a perfect combo of photos and words in just the right length. As for hiring an expert, I wish! No money in my budget for that, but boy I’d love it.

    1. I hear you.
      Also, I have a few bloggers who write long posts and I love them too. But can you imagine if ALL the blogs I follow had lengthy posts? Yikes.

      Thanks for your comments. I so enjoy your blogs. And your copyright notice takes the crown. Never seen better.

  8. Cynthia, I totally agree with your list. And you’ve been showing us all these by your gracious examples. And yes, photos make such a difference–I’m loving yours. It’s your being real that caught my attention on the radio interview and what prompted me to read your book. So glad I did.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    1. Thank you. And for the good words. I invite anyone to visit your blog to experience “real”. Well done.

      Meanwhile, I imagine out where you are, there’s no snow. Want some? The snow is coming down here, wow! But I guess if it started going UP, I’d be even more concerned (tee hee).

      1. Thanks for making me giggle. No snow here, to my daughter’s chagrin. She’s been praying for some. I’m voting for flowers (two crocuses bloomed yesterday after the sun finally broke through the fog). Now the pressure’s on for me to finish my fall cleanup. Blush. I have to pace myself due to silly old osteoarthritis. And then I spend half my gardening time down on my hands and knees taking pictures of whatever catches my attention (I suppose I may have undiagnosed ADHD). And I really don’t care if I do. 😉

  9. I enjoyed this post very much – good advice and a fine example of considerate blogging. Rule # 1 for me is ‘consider your reader’ which you apparently do.

  10. I am behind in reading! I need to go backwards on your blog to pick up where I left off-I’ve not been reading as much as I have before—
    Cynthia-that is why I loved your book-you were real:-)
    You are the “Velveteen” Blogger( skin horse sounded wierd-lol)…you are so real + you can make people laugh + cry which is a a big range in one post! Thank you for all this advice!

  11. Keeping up is a nightmare once you’ve established all these lovely connections. It’s a double-edged sword, I find. But I do take time out now and then 🙂 Thanks for visiting me, Cynthia. I do appreciate your effort.

  12. Great post and I am with you on the following the number of blogs you can cope with reading. I can only really do a few blogs because I like to read and comment and I’ve over stretched myself a bit. Have been terrible this last few weeks, haven’t read a thing and am really missing it. Hoping Real Life will calm down soon so I can get my on line activities back on track. 😉



  13. These are all great tips. While we all would love to spend oodles of time reading the many blogs on so many fascinating subjects, it is true that we have only so much time – to both write and read. So we pick and choose, write and visit when we can. Kind of like life, right? 🙂

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