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12.51 ~Holding On

12.51 ~Holding On.

From my friend in New Zealand.

Earthquake memories.

Post traumatic stress.

Bravery, family china and a slice of pie…

12.51 ~Holding On.

12 thoughts on “12.51 ~Holding On”

  1. So precisely thought and worded: to want to feast on life not fear. I recognized that feeling immediately. To bake new form into the fruit that arrives at your doorstep. To daily make the effort after trauma to create new life from that which is alive. Gallivanta, with your permission, I would like to read this post in my next memoir writing class. Diane

  2. Thank-you, Cynthia. Post traumatic stress is the most terrible thing and I feel for you and Gallivanta in your struggles with it. I know how my daughter behaves when she is reminded of past sufferings by a noise or a word. May God bless you both and your families.

  3. Yes, Cynthia, it must be very traumatic for Gallivanta and her daughter. She is courageous to share that moving post! We hope time and God will heal and they will overcome the fear… Hope you are keeping well too. Love and prayers, Iris

  4. Oh dear, holding on?!……..I think I have temporarily lost my grip. 😦 However, a bowl of porridge for supper, a banana cake made, a small earthquake (yes, really), a cup of camomile tea. I am going to bed feeling much better than I have for days. May the morning be likewise for all of us.

  5. Lovely post! I remember all too well what it feels like to live in earthquake country. After the Northridge quake in Southern CA, I think we walked around a bit wobbly for months. And even here in NY, I am very careful what I place on upper shelves.

  6. Family china and a slice of pie are probably as much normalcy as you can get. And to pull out that normalcy in the midst of craziness is bravery. Prayers.

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