Flowers for Jean

Blog Photo - Spring flowers in VancouverHow typical of Jean,” I thought when she sent me cheery photos (including the one above) of spring flowers in Vancouver. “To do something nice for me when it’s her birth-week.”

Jean does this kind of thing.

But it’s Jean’s birthday, so these flowers are dedicated to her.

Blog Photo - Red Peony

If asked to name something that comes to mind when we think of Jean, her friends would probably say:




Good Food.


(We might also add Athletics, Books and Music but those words don’t begin with an ‘F’, so they don’t make the cut here.)

Blog Photo - Peonies and Solomon's Seal

These flowers are in honour of a special birthday.

Blog Photo - Peony deep pink singleJean loves flowers. She’s actually studied gardening. Recently, she created a whole new garden from scratch.

Peonies are among her favorites.

So are Bleeding Hearts. These below are grandchildren of a plant she gave me years ago.

Above photos by Hamlin Grange

4 Photos above by Hamlin Grange

A few of Jean’s gardener friends have contributed flowers and garden scenes to this birthday greeting.

Ornamental grasses from Linda’s garden:

Blog Photo - Book Club Iron Heron

And a lovely white peony:

Blog Photo - Flowers  for Jean Linda's Peony

Jan sends this yellow beauty and the pink lady’s slippers by the lakeside: 

Blog Photo - Jan's Yellow flowers for Jean

Blog Photo - Jan's Lady Slipper for Jean

And from Val’s garden come these peonies and scene of the lush countryside northwest of Toronto:

Blog Photo - Val Peonies on hillside

Thank you, Jean.

For your friendship.

And for being you.

A blessed birthday and birth-week to you.



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17 responses to “Flowers for Jean

  1. Happy birthday wishes to Jean. Peonies are my favorite too! 🙂

  2. Nice Cynthia. To celebrating friends! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to Jean! The beautiful pictures are wonderful tribute to her special day! Tina

  4. Happy birthday to your friend. She’s lucky that she can see flowers in person!

  5. Happy birthday Jean! A lovely tribute to your friend. Beautiful pictures too.

  6. SO glad Jean is having a birthday since these flower photos cheered me no end, too! Have a great day, Jean!

  7. Happy birthday Jean .. How lovely to share those gorgeous flowers ..

  8. Dan

    Happy birthday to Jean.
    Lovely story and pictures!
    She’s lucky to have such a great friend.

  9. Thats definitely some bouquet Happy Birthday to Jean. 🙂

  10. Happy birthday to Jean. Those are beautiful shots. Spring will be here soon!

  11. Wonderful birthday presents. Love the ladyslippers.

  12. Ah, images of Spring and Summer…. while watching sleet turn to snow outside. I filled the bird feeders yesterday, anticipating that the birds would have a meal during the storm…. they emptied them by night fall. More sunflower seeds to go out later this morning… some will fall into the gardens below the feeders to sprout and grow into our random sunflower patches around the gardens.

  13. Hi Cynthia, I am not sure if you accept awards but I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award, no pressure to accept but if you enjoy wine I do have a glass of great Spanish red on offer too.

  14. Shall we have the wine together, Sally? Sounds like just what I need.
    Thank you most kindly for nominating me. That is the big honour right there. I’m sorry I don’t accept awards for my blog.I will raise a glass to you later today, and THANKS again.

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