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When the Sun Shines

When the sun shines



My mind teems with possibilities

My heart brims with optimism

That all things are possible

If only I believe


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But on grey days



My soul pulls the blanket over its head

And there goes my brave certainty

That mountains can be scaled

Any trouble vanquished


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Deep in my soul



I find myself searching for some courage

To tell my spirit to shape up

Because grey, like snow and cold

Does not last forever.


For a dear friend and all who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)

63 thoughts on “When the Sun Shines”

    1. that’s for sure. Good to hear from you, Aggie. I’ve been fighting the wretched pain and flu but am trying to come back to life myself. Hope things are coming along with Aggie’s Farm and will check in soon.

  1. Nice tribute to the cycles of emotion, seasons and people who suffer from SAD. I remember how much the gray affected me when I lived in Portland OR, and still does, but thankfully, we have less gray than the NW.

  2. we are having many grey days…makes one’s mind stand still in its haze or more like a hidden maze….the sun came out as I walked Molly today, what a feeling of bliss 🙂 now grey skies again, and I sit here thinking about them…and your words made perfect sense
    Wonderful thoughts you have spun Cynthia, I enjoyed the flow of them
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. MaryRose: and your kind is response is so uplifting. I am actually trying to get over the flu and mind-numbing pain and too much medication and I thought of people who have S.A.D and felt such sympathy.

      Here’s to brighter days of all kinds.

  3. The Sun came out yesterday in all its warmth and glory to encourage us forward from the last snowstorm a week ago. I thought of you in your cold corner of the world and hoped you were also experiencing its warmth. Please feel better soon…and yes Winter always turns to Spring (eventually)!

    1. “Here comes the sun!” Such a beautiful thing, the sun. the last two days have been mild and sunny here, actually. If I had the energy, I’d go clear away some snow to see if the daffodil spears would shoot up.

      Thanks for thinking of us.

    1. Actually, I know a friend who has been helped by it, and one who hasn’t. so that makes it at least a 50% chance of working, which is better than some remedies! Thank you, Allen. I hope anyone who lives with this affliction will read your comment. Definitely worth a try.

  4. Oh Cynthia! Poor you! I had a feeling things weren’t right for some time. (I have been reading your replies to comments).
    Your poem is so poignant! I hope one day you’ll make a collection of your poems and publish them.
    My prayers are for you, hoping the pain subsides and the flu is banished. Too much medication is almost as bad as the original pain I know.

  5. What a beautiful and thoughtful poem Cynthia. I don’t know if I suffer from SAD, but I can most certainly relate to all the darkness and difficulties of struggling through the Winter and the joy which the sunshine brings. I too, try to talk some sense into myself to shake myself out of the lethargy and gloom which a dull day brings- but it never works.
    Being ill just makes it all worse. I hope you are winning the fight with your cold?

    1. Thanks, Karen. So good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. The cold and flu are getting ready to depart, thank goodness. But I’m so worn out that a mild breeze could blow me away.

      1. You need some sunshine, some comfort and lots of love. This Winter and the past couple of years have been so hard for you. We all just want you to feel well now.:)

      2. You are right! The sunshine is coming around more often these days; the love is felt; the comfort comes when I look around me, and when I hear from friends and family. Thank you for your kind thought, my friend.

  6. Cynthia – this is so beautiful. It’s such a challenge keeping our heads up during the dark grey days of winter. Hold on – Spring is around the corner!

  7. A beautifully expressed tribute to your friend, Cynthia. Hopefully they and others will be feeling much lighter of heart soon. That line “My soul pulls the blanket over it’s head” describes exactly how I have been feeling lately. Very powerful words and imagery. Thank goodness the weather is improving and with it my emotions.

    1. I hear you, Elizabeth. We who love nature and gardens find the tail-end of brutal winters tough to endure. The bittersweet thing about the winter’s tail is that, even with the grey and harsh days we fear are still to come, we can look forward to milder days with such sweet anticipation and say “It won’t be long now!”

  8. I would be quite sensitive to seasonal darkness, which for me makes me appreciate the sunny days oh so much more than the average person (at least I think so). We have been quite lucky in Ireland this year to have so many sunny days. What a lovely post.

  9. I’m so glad to hear about your many days of sun! After working in Dublin one spring, I teased my Irish friends for years about their wet, rainy weather. Then they came to visit us last summer – and the weather in southern Ontario was wet, rainy, cold. Yikes. How embarrassing for me. Now I’m the butt of their weather jokes. Which I fully deserved!

    I’m happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading and enjoying the post.

    1. I know you can imagine what a gift you gave me with this song. It was an anthem in our family home when I was a child. Listening to it just now brought my mother’s voice and presence back to me and this gave me such comfort. I played it over and over and even my husband noted how comforting it is. I had not heard it in decades and shall now make it a regular visit. Thank you, my friend.

      1. Yes, it was the Jim Reeves version that was popular when we were kids. I sent the link and lyrics to my siblings, and everyone immediately had the same memories I had. thanks again.

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