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When the Sun Shines

When the sun shines



My mind teems with possibilities

My heart brims with optimism

That all things are possible

If only I believe


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But on grey days



My soul pulls the blanket over its head

And there goes my brave certainty

That mountains can be scaled

Any trouble vanquished


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Deep in my soul



I find myself searching for some courage

To tell my spirit to shape up

Because grey, like snow and cold

Does not last forever.


For a dear friend and all who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)

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There are no words.


One speaks to God in frightened silence

Broken only by jagged breath.

One reaches for faith

And reaches again.


Before faith,  the lurch in the belly.

The gasp from the chest.

The hurt in the heart.

And sighs too deep for words.


Shock. Denial.  Floundering.

The waves of fear, threatening to drown.

We must not drown.

We search for a fixed point.


The heart glimpses the rock

Rising up from the water.

The rock shines with promise.

Strong, fixed and charcoal-dark.


The deep water swirls and obscures

So confident in its massive power.

It carries threats of death and echoes of loss.

And loud whispers of nevermore.


Quick now: shut it out.

Do not give it the power it craves.

Focus instead on the fixed point.

Look again and find the rock.


There are no words.

I speak to God in silence and jagged breath.

My arms thrash, thrash and thrash

And touch solid stone.


I hold on, hold on

Fight to hold on to its solid-ness

The waves of fear, and drowning waters

Are all around.


One thrashes and fights

And struggles with all one’s might.

And speaks to God, in silence and jagged breath:

Let my beloved live.


Let him live.

Let us get to the hospital in time.

Let the doctors and nurses know what to do.

Please let my beloved live.