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Easter Lilies and Ringing Bells

Cynthia Reyes

On Easter Sunday I’ll be in our historic village church, singing my head off.

First built in 1869, it’s Anglican (aka Episcopalian or Church of England).

Photo by Hamlin Grange Photo by Hamlin Grange

For our church community, Easter Sunday is the happiest day of the year, happier even than Christmas.  It’s the day of the miracle of the resurrection.

Photo by Hamlin Grange Photo by Hamlin Grange

When our priest  Claire (a Guyanese-Canadian woman who joined us a few years ago)  says “Christ is risen”,  I ring my hand-bell till my husband begs me to stop.

When the time comes to sing hymns (singing is a rare thing in this contemplative Anglican service), I do so more loudly, more off-key than anyone else.

Image via wikipedia

My husband is probably embarrassed.

But I’m too busy singing to notice.

I’ll be ringing and singing along with about 35 or 36 other souls at the 8:30 a.m. service.

“ONLY 36 other people?”…

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24 thoughts on “Easter Lilies and Ringing Bells”

    1. This is a great idea, Gallivanta! What time? If I don’t know the song, I will sing Christ the Lord is Risen Today, the Charles Wesley song of my childhood.

      1. Hah! And guess what was playing on the National Radio broadcast of the Easter Service? Christ the Lord is Risen Today. So I sang along loudly, and out of tune.

    1. I guess we were both singing today. Is your voice off-key like mine or can you carry a tune? We had a great Easter Sunday and the bishop gave the homily, so we had one female priest and one female bishop leading the service- unthinkable not so long ago! Then our priest sprinkled us all with water from a branch dipped in a big pan – you never saw so many people hiding from being sprinkled! I had to smile.

  1. I do ok singing, I get off key on the high notes! We did early morning Mass, only one priest and I was surprised, the church was full with a lot of people standing. We had the same thing going on, the ladies did not want to get sprinkled 🙂

    1. Smart ladies! My friends in the US and Canada are all reporting a similar thing regarding the church being full: they say it’s a lot more people than a usual Easter. What do you think is the reason?

  2. Cynthia, I like you all the more for mentioning how you love to sing (and not necessarily in key). I can relate to that. It’s also nice to see inside the church you wrote about in your memoir.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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