A Good Home


Cynthia Reyes

Home now to that place of your youth

The beautiful land whose  brutal truth

You fled.

Memory – that minefield – would not rest

But love and fame were in the West

You thrived.

Blog Photo - Pink Peony

The news came on and you grew  still

The anger bubbled; it made you ill

So silent.

But now to homeland you’ve returned

I pray you’ll cope, and that you’ve learned

To forgive.

Bloodroot Flower Bloodroot Flower

I wish you peace, and even joy

In that place where you were that boy

Long ago.

Permit yourself to laugh and play

To tuck the anger back away

For now.

Crocus in Spring Crocus in Spring

Permit yourself to have some hope

Allow yourself the needed scope

To dream.

That land you love may come to be

A place you would have loved to see

Take shape

Mature Shrubs in Bloom Mature Shrubs in Bloom

And though that seems so far away

So distant from this present…

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13 thoughts on “RETURN OF THE EXILE”

  1. Cynthia, you are a woman of so many talents. You are a wonderful wordsmith in every sense of the word. Wow. You never fail in your poignancy with prose or poetry. I sense a story behind this lovely piece.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    1. Wendy.
      I hardly know what to say in reply. Except thanks, and thanks again. Especially because you know how strange and challenging this road has been, your comment touched my heart.

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