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Mama’s Garden in Spring

My husband named this garden for my mother. It’s my favorite garden and I promised to tend it.

But my injuries made gardening a huge challenge and Mama’s Garden became a little jungle.

For the last few years, it’s looked a bit wild, especially from the outside.

Mama's Garden Side shot with dogwood, ferns etc

Mama's Garden side shot

But it’s always a treasure-trove on the inside.

Mama's Garden Ferns and Jack in the pulpit

My Good Man weeded the pathway for me this Spring – thank you, thank you, Kind Sir!!

Suddenly, you could see the path and even the plants stood out more.

That purple flower on the left below is woodland phlox. Farther below, in the next picture, is Solomon’s seal, blooming its small white bells.

Mama's Garden Pathway May 2015

Mama's Garden Solomon's seal

Mama's Garden Purple Iris CU

Yes, even Irises bloom here. 

Mama's Garden Yellow Iris CU

Ferns, hydrangea, Jack-in-the-pulpit, May apple,dogwood, ligularia, wild phlox, woodland phlox, astilbe, hosta — and many more plants grow together here.  Including two clematis vines.

Mama's Garden Double Clem CU

Mama's Garden Path and Arbor side

 The double clematis flourishes on the entrance arbor. It will cover that side of the arbor very soon.

Mama's Garden Double Clem opening

The dogwood blooms above all that. It has never looked better.

Mama's Garden Dogwood blooms May 2015

Same goes for the purple lilac.

Mama's Garden Purple Lilac

Way to go, Mama’s Garden!  Thank you for your thriving and lovely ways.


Dedicated to my mother.

With thanks to my husband for all his work in our garden.

56 thoughts on “Mama’s Garden in Spring”

  1. A lovely place to sit and reflect and just enjoy the beautiful plants you have in your Mama’s garden. Your husband did a wonderful job too Cynthia!

  2. It all looks beautiful, it doesn’t look neglected at all. A lovely peaceful haven. I love the plants you have chosen. Tidy paths show off everything beautifully so your husband did a great job.

    1. Thank you. Some of my mother’s favorite plants are here. She showed me how to use hosta, etc. to form a base for a bouquet of flowers — something I’d never have thought of.

  3. I love the wild look. I have never seen Solomon’s Seal but I checked and it should grow well here. Not long till the peonies, huh? Thinking of you…

  4. This garden looks so pretty with all its spring blooms. At certain times, nature takes care of itself and keeps the garden thriving, Cynthia. So now you can enjoy the garden. Thanks for taking us on this walk through your Mama’s Garden. 🙂

  5. How lovely to see Mama’s garden so beautifully dressed in spring colours. I wonder…does it put you in mind of the dresses your Mama made?

      1. My mother didn’t sew, my aunt did. My mother arranged sewing lessons for me with her friends. I don’t sew anymore ( no patience) but we who grew up with the materials and patterns and trimmings all around us were blessed. I still remember my mother’s pretty skirts and dresses and all the offcuts I was given to play with.

  6. It looks like a great place to sit and think.
    I think that’s the first double clematis I’ve seen that looked like that one. It’s very different.
    That’s probably what I’d be thinking about if I were sitting in that garden.

  7. Beautiful….all of your gardens are. My backyard is a small square with neighbors on three sides. I’m trying to get creative and daring but am quite intimidated. Mama’s garden, with the flowering trees and shrubs and flowers, looks so inviting and warm.

    1. He loathes weeding too. I LOVE weeding. I used to do ALL of it – even in his vegetable and herb gardening. But he had to help me up from the ground again recently – in a grim silence – so this is his way of keeping me from trying to weed again.

  8. What a star Hamlin is! I am so sorry you can weed no longer! It is my favourite gardening job – I find it so therapeutic. Mama’s Garden is beautiful. Calm and green with such a variety of lovely plants.

  9. This is an amazing and beautiful garden, Cynthia! I can’t get over the huge variety of flowers, green plants, trees, and shrubs you have growing there. The grass and the arbor with the beautiful flower borders make this a dream garden for me. I love that you named it “Mama’s Garden” and love that your husband weeded it for you. What a wonderful tribute to your mother.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures with us and have a great week.



  10. Cynthia, I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. Reminded me of one I did on my Mama’s wild garden and brought back so many lovely memories. ❤ I love your photos, it's an amazing garden. Soooo beautiful! 🙂

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