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“When you walk funny and fall over”, I told my blogger-friend Brad,  “you attract all kinds of people! If it weren’t for the pain and embarrassment, I’d recommend it highly.”

“I’m not quite ready to do it your way”, he replied. “But I appreciate your great attitude.”

Blog Photo - Hollyhock Mutant

Life can be tough for all of us.

So I write crazy poems to make myself laugh.  

And I look for ways to make my friends, neighbours and relatives smile.

Blog Photo - Verandah - Pink blooming shrub

There are many good people in my world. These flowers are my way of saying thanks for their kind gestures.

  • Like Bill and Dorothy, the elderly couple who recently came and sat with my husband and me in a village cafe. We were strangers there, and they were just leaving. But they saw us, smiled back, then came over and spent a good 4o minutes with us. Turns out we have a mutual friend. And much else in common. Like apple trees, primitive furniture, verandahs and several other things.

Blog Photo - Allium

  • Like the young Muslim men who all rushed to open the door for me one day. I smiled my thanks.  And suddenly remembered that I, too, used to rush to open doors for people with disabilities.
  • Like my librarians, who greet me like a long-lost relative whenever I show up.
  • Like the young parking policeman, who informed me that, because I am disabled, I may park my car in no-parking spots on the street (except for rush hour, at fire hydrants etc.). I still won’t do it, but ’twas good to know.
  • Like Jane, who brought a little footstool to church — so I may rest my foot on it during Sunday service.

Blog Photo - White peony

  •  Like my husband, who weeded the jungle-path in Mama’s Garden AND helped me up from the ground without scolding. I had been stuck there, after trying to pick a few weeds.
  • Like Lydia, who offered to help with the garden.
  • Like Rita and Rex, who saw my book prominently displayed at a library and immediately emailed me to say A Good Home “is a staff-pick at the Orillia Public Library!”

Blog Photo - Bridal Wreath

  • And finally —  like the church-friend whose son is bravely — and sometimes painfully — gender-transitioning. I had felt helpless because I simply didn’t know how to support this lovely family.

“You came right up and hugged him on Christmas Eve at church,” she reassured me. “You’ll never know how important that was to him — and to our whole family.”

Photo by Hamlin Grange

I didn’t know on Christmas Eve. But I think I do now.

Sometimes, it’s the small, ordinary gestures that lift a person up and make our day.

Bless you all.


Photos by Hamlin Grange

62 thoughts on “Walk this Way”

  1. I am such a sucker for multi-colored flowers…!

    Cynthia, for some reason your blog page has been red-flagged (put onto the HIgh Risk blocking list) by Brightcloud (for users of Webroot security software). For the past week I have been getting the ‘block/warning’ page after I post a comment, but now today it is not allowing me to view your actual page (full post) at all. Don’t know what is triggering it but as the page owner you can put in a request to have your page re-evaluated and hopefully un-blocked/flagged. The page to request this is here: http://www.brightcloud.com/tools/change-request-url-reputation.php

    Hope this will clear up whatever the issue is, because as it is, I can’t see anything of yours other than the excerpt that’s displayed in my Reader. 

      1. Cynthia, my Reader says you replied to my comment but because of the “block” I can’t view it (your comment is on your page but not in my reader). You can post it as a comment on any of my posts though, and I’ll be able to read it then, via the moderation (there’s always a workaround, right? LOL)

  2. You always seem to draw nice people (and some others) to you. I love Hamlin’s pictures of your flowers and I got misty eyed at the hollyhock. At home I had hollyhocks of every colour all over the lawn as well as my garden. Home and hollyhocks just seem to go together.

    1. Hollyhocks do that to me too, Georgeina. I hear you!

      I’m glad you think I draw ‘nice people’ and ‘some others’. It comes from the pesky habit of seeing some good in almost everyone, and from walking funny and falling over!

  3. You reminded me today how important it is to be grateful – lovely post. Thank you:)

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, while eating our evening meal we ask the kids what they are grateful for that day – we each take a turn to say. It reminds us all to think about who and what has affected us positively during the day, because you are right, sometimes we only focus on the negatives.

  4. Georgeina is right! You are such a lovely lady that people *are* drawn to you. I can see them falling over themselves to help you! Excuse my naughtiness please?
    The world is full of kind, generous people who just need a little encouragement to prove it. My aunt has been very ill recently and is taking a long time to get better. She wanted to vote in the recent General Election so my cousin insisted she use her wheelchair and pushed her in it to the polling station. She was so surprised at the amount of people who rushed to help her and greeted her with such pleasure. She had been stuck at home watching the news on TV and reading the papers, both full of stories about how uncaring everyone is and how much violence there is everywhere.
    Your flowers are beautiful!

    1. I agree with you, Clare. So many people pull back, for fear of offending, or being rejected. Meanwhile, so many people need help of some kind. That’s such a lovely story about your aunt.

  5. I am charmed by the thought of your footstool and the thoughtfulness of Jane. And I expect people would be kind to you whether or not you walked funny. 🙂 Kindness begets kindness.

    1. We drive a far way back to our former village to attend church each Sunday. I’m almost howling with pain by the time I return. I sometimes even forget the sermon. But I never forget the kindness of Jane and others. A wonderful place, and very kind people.

      1. Do you have visiting teams or prayer teams that come to your house? When I was off my game earlier in the year both our minister and our elder came to sit with me, and pray in situ. Brings great peace to the house. Our church elders will visit on a regular basis. And sermons are sent by email on request. And btw, I forget sermons even without pain! 😦 But all that is only a poor substitute for the much greater experience of actually being in a place of worship with a cherished community.

  6. Sure your life is much tougher than mine, Cynthia. Thank you for this post – I often forget that being humble is a key to happiness and contentment.

  7. This is such a sweet and thoughtful post, Cynthia. It comes from the heart, I can tell. 🙂 I hope you’re having a good week so far, and it looks like spring has finally arrived in your part of the world. I know you had a very long, cold winter. Enjoy the sunshine!



  8. There are many people in my life to be grateful for on a daily basis, when I remember to notice. A stranger’s smile or a door opened for me. I know others are grateful for you and your smile or thoughtful gesture toward them. Thanks for the beautiful post and reminder to keep my eyes open. 🙂

  9. Lovely to read your thankfulness for these people and that you aim to do the same for others, I’m sure it’s your gratitude that brings more helpful people into your life.

  10. This Cynthia was the most uplifting post I’ve read in a long time. Your generous heart and soul, painful and as funny as you may walk, your attention turns to those beautiful people around you that have made your world go round in the most pleasant of ways. This is a wonderful way to express your gratitude and in the most humblest of ways. You’re beautiful ~

  11. Cynthia, how true your words are about the power of little things. The small kindnesses make friends, nourish marriages, and often save lives. Your tribute reflects the generosity you’ve shared with others—it’s shining back onto you. Lovely.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  12. It’s interesting – I do think that sometimes I make new friends because I now walk with a cane and sometimes wander off course, which for some reason attracts attention. Particularly on a crowded sidewalk or narrow dock! But at least I can keep walking, and for that I am very grateful. I am not sure whether people are really kinder, or if I, being in need of it, notice their kindness more. But I do know that I value kindness even more than I did before, and try to reach out to others the same way that so many have reached out to me. Gratitude and kindness – a wonderfully potent mixture. As beautiful as the flowers Hamlin captured and warm as the thoughts you shared.

    Thank you!

  13. The title drew me in (of course!) but the warmth of the words and the spirit behind them made me want to stay, Cynthia. I just came directly from another blog where the good lady suffers much but deals with life with humour and love. You set a wonderful example and I’m so happy that you can still smile. 🙂 Gentle hugs to you!

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