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Garden Friends

So, okay. I’m seriously not a Snow-White-and-The-Seven-Dwarfs-in-the-Garden kinda girl.

Blog Photo - Garden birdbath and blooms

Garden gnomes you won’t find here.

Blog Photo - Garden a beautiful shot of back garden

Blog Photo - Garden Horse

But I have garden friends.  I do!

Blog Photo - Garden rain - two birds at feeder

Birds, horses and butterflies…..

Blog Photo - Garden directions

Blog Photo - Garden - Butterfly on Mint

A green frog playing a bass serenade to the hosta.

Blog Photo - Garden Frog and Violin

A wind chime whose own song soothes our hearts, and tells us when it’s a windy day outside.

Blog Photo - garden wind chimes

Faces that steadfastly oversee the garden….

Blog Photo - Garden Sun face

Blog Photo - Garden Face

And welcomers for the newly bloomed clematis flower…. Namaste to you….

Blog Photo - Garden - welcome clematisThe nice thing about these friends is they listen to your troubles and never criticize.  They never say: “Leave those weeds alone!  And it’s 11 a.m.  Isn’t it time you got out of that tattered old houserobe and put on some decent clothes?”

Mind you, I’m glad for human friends who visit and make me laugh.

Like Pia, who insisted on getting a string to tie back the uber ex-uber-ant clematis that threatened to strangle her and all others who passed.

Blog Photo - Garden Friends

And Vito, our vintner-neighbour who claims that flowers are useless because – unlike grapes and vegetables — flowers can’t be eaten. It’s an ongoing argument and I think we both like that.

Blog Photo - Vito amid the flowers


Dedicated to all who love gardens, and your garden friends too.

Photos by Hamlin Grange.

67 thoughts on “Garden Friends”

  1. Every time I see shots of your garden, I want to come live there. You don’t mind, do you? 🙂 And second, what lovely friends to have . . . friends who get the whole green connection. As you know, not everybody does!

  2. A very beautiful garden, with or without gnomes. If you would like a resident gnome, I’m available. A quiet, remote corner will do.

    1. Do you recall that some people used to have a Hermit’s Cottage on their grounds? Would you like to be a Hermit here? I much prefer that idea than your being a gnome!

    1. Actually, you could be right. Maybe what I think are wild rabbits are really gnomes? Mind you, I haven’t seen the wild rabbits this spring. Better munching elsewhere….

      1. I’ve got a baby rabbit eating my purple cone flower leaves. Hoping it stays out of the vegetables. There’s also a large rabbit hanging around but haven’t seen it in my yard, just my neighbors.

  3. Absolutly beautiful! Those fir trees make a perfect backdrop for all the other lovely inahbitants of your garden. I just read on another blog that butterfles were originally called “flutter-by’s”, which makes alot of sense.

  4. You have a beautiful garden and lovely friends too Cynthia. I like your wall faces, I’d be talking to them too, if they lived here. 🙂

  5. Ms CR you can talk me down outa them trees anytime, you certainly know how to mix them words and letters together.
    one love

  6. Your garden is lovely, Cynthia. Though you can no longer do much gardening (except secretly when no-one’s looking!) your influence is still strong. Your planting schemes are still there – it is still your garden. We don’t have gnomes but when Elinor was very small she insisted we got some little stone creatures to put under the shrubs. I wouldn’t be without them now.

    1. Great that you still have the little stone creatures! We have a stone rabbit and we blame it for attracting the wild rabbits.
      I am going to have to stop the rare secret weeding, because when I can’t get up, I have to wait till Hamlin comes into the garden! Serves me right….

    1. Well, Tina, Vito has to have someone on his side. He is a very smart and well-read man, who has probably researched every edible plant on earth since we first had this argument, but he may never admit to it unless pushed.

  7. C’est sûr : si on est amoureux des jardins on ne peut qu’aimer celui là ! Et pour sûr, les fleurs sont utiles, même pour le raison(vive les pollinisateurs) et elles peuvent(bien évidemment pas toutes;-) ) être consommées 😉

  8. My oh My….your garden is so lush, full of color and beautiful!!!! I like the little cowbirds hanging around too. I have one that is still sitting on my feeder everyday looking in our window. We have named him “Earl”.

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