In A Dark Garden

Cynthia Reyes - Author

Have you ever walked in an early-morning garden after the rain?  

It’s dark, fresh, cool. And quiet. Even the birds are still taking cover.

Blog Photo - Rainy Peonies

Blog Photo - Rainy Day Lily leaves

Everything’s drenched.

Blog Photo - Rainy Rhodo Bloom

You squint at something pink  in the darkness….

Blog Photo - Rainy Columbines in dark

… ah, columbines. And you think how wise this first clematis bloom is, so nicely sheltered against a wall.

Blog Photo - Rainy but sheltered clematis

You’re lost in admiring this flowering shrub.

Blog Photo - Rainy Garden with Flowering shrubs

Its branches are so rain-heavy, they’re almost touching the ground.

Blog Photo - Rainy Branches over Hosta

You’re wearing sensible shoes, so your feet don’t get wet. But next thing you know, you brush against a wet branch.

Blog Photo - Rainy Burning Bush Leaf

And another.

Blog Photo - Rainy Pine needles

Turning away, you almost collide with a horse.

Blog Photo - Rainy Horse Weathervane

Your hair, face, nose and shirt get wet.

But the air is cool on your skin. Fresh and earthy to the breath.

Blog Photo - Rainy Yellow hosta

And one intrepid bird starts to sing.

Blog Photo - Rainy birdbath

You softly walk around in the dark garden, thankful to be alive.

To hear, see, feel,  smell, almost touch

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19 responses to “In A Dark Garden

  1. I love walking in the garden at unusual times like when it’s raining or almost dark. There is something almost magical about that.


  2. It’s always fun to explore a garden after rain or in soft light, when the conditions seem to open minds and hearts to the subtle and magical.
    Thanks for the early morning stroll. 🙂

  3. It’s difficult to imagine you failing photography. You must have known Hamlin was coming… A magical place and time.. Sending you love, Cynthia.

    • These point-and shoot-cameras were made for people like me, Aggie. Especially since much of what I do is a one-handed photography, some come out looking awful.
      Thank goodness for my Good Man.

      • Photography seems like one of those things that I would get into, all that theory of f-stops and other settings, but, like you, it never captured my interest. Agreed: point and shoot is queen!

  4. Wonderful walk with you in your damp garden! Gorgeous

  5. Thankful to be alive … good thought to start this summer day. Any day!

  6. Georgeina

    Beautiful. I can almost smell the damp earth and flowers.

  7. I love an early morning walk after the rain. This is wonderful! 😀

  8. i enjoyed this post. I like freshness after the rain and the calm of early evening.

  9. One of the best times to enjoy a garden – before all the day’s noise begins. When the birds wake, it’s like a stage productions just for you. Wonderful experience carefully displayed by you in this post

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