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At Home with Valerie Rowley Pt. 1

Cynthia Reyes

My mother always raised chickens.  So when my husband and I got a place smack-dab in the country, some years ago, I wanted to raise chickens. But my husband saw things differently.

“Too much flippin’ work,” he said. “Never mind the fact that chickens attract weasels, foxes, you name it. No chickens!”

I got the drift: No chickens!

So imagine my delight in discovering, years later, that someone I know raises chickens.  And – what’s more –  invited me to come visit with her and them!

Blog Photo - Val and Chickens

That someone is none other than well-known Canadian designer Valerie Rowley.  She has 5 varieties of chickens.

“Silver Laced Wyandottes (small, bossy little hens); Buff Orpingtons – large, golden, affable hens – the archetypal Easter chick in fact. We also have Black Australorps – the Angelina Jolie of chickens with lustrous black feathers and large round eyes. ”

Blog Photo - Vals chicken 3

Blog Photo - Vals Chicken 2

“Then we have the big Light…

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12 thoughts on “At Home with Valerie Rowley Pt. 1”

      1. Haha, thank you, and to you, a great weekend! I helped to process 29 broiler chickens yesterday by slitting the throats of half of them. I am seriously considering a return to vegetarianism!

      2. That’s how I became a vegetarian as a small child — our favorite hen was served to us for dinner…. I was a vegetarian for many years after that…..

      3. I started eating meat again in the mid 90s, and believe that red meat has been a boon to my health. Golly, I just don’t know that optimal health is worth it. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

  1. That is just so good: to have your own eggs, but I agree with you that it is very hard for some people to eat the chicken meat if they have raised these chickens. I would never mind eating clean eggs, though.
    Apart from that: they look so beautiful, just ready to paint and draw. Nature has the most wonderful patterns and most wonderful colors.

  2. What beautiful, beautiful chickens!! I am very fond of chickens, and I would love to have a little barnyard of these. A work friend a few years ago at our printer used to bring in freshly-laid eggs every Friday from his chickens – white and blue, but his were Araucanas – a relative of your friend’s – and Rhode Island Reds, I think. Yup – another reason to go vegetarian, but the eggs were THE best!

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