A Photographer’s Passion for Flowers


Gundy Schloen is passionate about photography.

So: add her passion for photography to her passion for flowers and what do you get?

Blog Photo - Maltese Cross Photo by Gundy Schloen

Beautiful photos of flowers, of course.

Over the years, Gundy has taken thousands of photos of flowers.

Flowers in her own garden and flowers wherever she goes.

Blog Photo - Oshawa Peony Festival -Photo by Gundy Schloen

Like the Oshawa Peony Festival a few weeks ago. (Oshawa is a city east of Toronto.)

So I asked her if I could feature just a few of the photographs she took there.

Blog Photo - Peony Yellow - Photo by Gundy Schloen

But choosing just a few was very difficult. I really liked this one, above.

Then again, I liked this photo below and the one below that.

Blog Photo - Peony large pink CU - photo by Gundy Schloen

Blog Photo - White Peony photo by Gundy Schloen

Gee whiz – I liked a lot of them.

Blog Photo - Peony Border photo by Gundy Schloen

And aren’t these ones below just luminous?

Blog Photo - Red Peonies - Photo by Gundy Schloen

Beautiful flowers…. and beautiful photography.

Blog Photo - Prized peony - Photo by Gundy Schloen

Well done, Gundy and thanks for allowing me to feature “a few” of your stunning photos.

Blog Photo - Gundy Schloen in her garden - photo by P. Schloen

Photos copyright of Gundy Schloen.



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38 responses to “A Photographer’s Passion for Flowers

  1. Beautiful work, Gundy!
    So good to see you again, Cynthia!

  2. Georgeina

    Wonderful photos. Gundy is a multi-talented lady.

  3. Doreen

    What a lovely tribute to our friend Gundy and her many talents

  4. Beautiful! Taking good photos of flowers isn’t always as easy as it might seem.

  5. What a treat, I am mad about peonies.

  6. Thanks Cynthia. I share Gundy’s passions. 🙂

  7. These photos are wonderful. Well done to Gundy (and thanks so much for sharing, Cynthia) 😀

  8. Never enough flowers and never enough photos of them! Lovely poste, xo Johanna

  9. I’ve heard the Oshawa Peony Festival is well worth going to. Must do that one year!

  10. Lovely post Cynthia! I agree with Johanna – the more flower photos there are the merrier I will be. Thank-you Gundy.

  11. Peonies are my favorite. Thanks for sharing Gundy’s passion with us.

  12. Lovely photos, I love all those fabulous peonies.

  13. She’s a really talented photographer!

  14. Such beautiful flowers, great photography! Really wonderful to enjoy the bright colours, Cynthia. Thanks for sharing it in your post. 🙂

  15. Oh, Cynthia, these are simply gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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