I’ve Got The Blues

Cynthia Reyes - Author

If you’d asked me if I had many blue flowers in my summer garden, I would have said ‘no’.Blog Photo - Blue Clematis single But turns out I would have been wrong. As borne out by this blue Clematis, above. The blue-lavender Clematis on the right, below. And the blue Salvia on the left. Blog Photo - BLue clems and Salvia Morning Glories get in on the act, and this one is lovely. Blog Photo - Blue Morning glory Blue Salvia will soon get crowded out by Margaritas… Blog Photo - Blue Salvia wide But right now it’s holding its own. Blog Photo - Blue Salvia Group Blue and yellow make a refreshing mix in the garden. Blog Photo - Blue Salvia and Yellow And — honestly — this Clematis below is a blue-lavender. But compared to the sky, it’s positively pink. Blog Photo - Blue-Pink clems

Blog Photo - Garden rain cu of lavender blue clematis

Except for this other blue Clematis, which has somehow risen above the pink one and is holding court. Blog Photo - Blue clems atop Pinks While, just below them both, this flower – whose name I’ve never learned – blooms all summer. Blog Photo - Blue No-NameDo you know what it is? Almost a Forget-Me-Not, but…

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29 responses to “I’ve Got The Blues

  1. Cynthia, I enjoyed your beautiful blue flowers. Blues and whites always catch my attention in a garden. I also have those blue forget-me-not type flowers. Mine have spread here and there, and I don’t mind a bit. 🙂 They look especially nice planted with red tulips.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. A lovely range of Blues, Cynthia.
    Love the pretty blue Cynoglossum – I like to grow a similar South African native, Anchusa capensis, with intense forget-me-not type blue flowers in summer too.

  3. Heavenly blue. So many shades and shapes. There is no end to the creativity of beauty in the floral world.

  4. Wonderful blue flowers. Morning glory is a weed here .. But I just love salvia and those ever happy forget-me-nots.

  5. Your blues make me happy! But how is it that you have morning glories blooming already? Mine never bloom before August.

  6. I do love the blue shades of flower, they always cool down the garden a notch or two in summer. I think your forget-me-not is Cynoglossum amabile

  7. Such a wonderful variety of flowers and colors in your garden Cynthia. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  8. Wow! I didn’t even know there were that many blue flowers! I think maybe the only blues I have are forget-me-nots and annual lobelia. Your clematis are gorgeous–the seem to see my house as “death row.”

  9. what a gorgeous way to have the blues…but with some many beautiful flowers, the real Blues will quickly disappear ;0) xo Johanna

  10. You love blue too and you certainly have some beautiful blue plants. I am very impressed by your Clematis.
    Cynoglossum amabile is such a beautiful true blue. It means ‘Hound’ s Tongue’. I wonder why it is called that. Such a pretty flower.

  11. Your garden is looking wonderful! I enjoy viewing the flowers I cannot grow in the South.

  12. excellent… ❤ we call it in French: bleu royal! 🙂

  13. I think there’s something particularly beautiful about blue flowers.

  14. Is this your garden, Cynthia? Looks lovely and very romantic, so no reason for the blues 😉 What’s the name of the first clematis? Looks like one of the integrifolias to me. I love all herbaceous clems and think they’re much underplanted. Love the morning glory too, one of the few and rare true blues.

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