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A White Garden

White flowers against green: the picture of serenity.

Blog Photo - White garden Bridal Wreath and Arbour

I used to dream of having a garden bed in just those colours.

Never happened.

Blog Photo - White peony

But between June and July, you’ll find several patches in our garden.

Green and white Hosta in several places…

Blog Photo - White garden Hosta around tree trunk


Blog Photo - White garden Hollyhock single

Daisies ….

Blog Photo - White garden Daisies

Blog Photo - White garden Daisy CU

A flock of Goatsbeard….

Blog Photo - White garden Goatsbeard

Blog Photo - White garden Hosta blooms

White Hosta blooms (above) and Solomon’s seal below….

Blog Photo - White garden Solomons seal

Blog Photo - White garden Queen Annes Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace (above) — a weed to my husband, a flower to me…

And Hydrangea everywhere….

Blog Photo - White garden Hydrangea several

Blog Photo - White garden Hydrangea CU

Blog Photo - White garden Hydrangea at night

Now, to get them all together in one place at one time and I’d have … well, not exactly Sissinghurst … but for me, the perfect white and green garden!

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

76 thoughts on “A White Garden”

    1. Thanks! I’m sure you could tell that the last few photos were taken in the very late evening. My husband asked incredulously today: “Who takes photos in a garden at night?”

  1. Gorgeous garden! I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful garden like this…so far all I can manage (just barely) is keeping my lawn cut. The hydrangeas are stunning!

    1. Keeping your lawn cut is a good thing, and it takes a lot of work. You might try planting an Annabelle hydrangea, though. It’s almost indestructible, I’ve discovered, and the blooms are lovely.

    1. I have to bow to the men who now take care of the garden. Primarily my husband, then his occasional helpers. Our garden was such a mess for years, as I couldn’t garden without horrendous pain, then my husband decided he had to do it. A good man indeed!

  2. Our last house I had a flower bed with just white things in it. I loved it. This house has white here and there, like a nice surprise waiting to be found. Thank you for sharing your beautiful whites.

  3. You know, I love the surprise of coming on those beautiful whites against greens walking around a corner or as we pass a beautiful garden in our travels. They come in so many different forms, at so many different times through the spring and summer. I wish you enjoyment of your calm patches – perhaps they are set off by the colours of the other plants around them?

  4. You have some beautiful white flowers. Your Hydrangeas are magnificent. We went to Sissinghurst on Wednesday and as it was quite late in the afternoon we had the white garden almost to ourselves and were able to sit at the table in the little arbour soaking up the atmosphere. Wonderful! So many imitators, but no one has achieved quite what Vita did .

    1. You’re fortunate to be able to visit Sissinghurst. One of my old dreams…
      Vita really was a remarkable gardener. I always think of her when I think of white gardens. There’s a grand estate east of Toronto called Parkwood, and they also had/have a beautiful white garden. Always calms me.

  5. Pure loveliness, Cynthia. The first picture is heavenly. I always enjoy how white flowers capture and reflect the last bits of light in the evening. They are the stars of the garden.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. I take pride in my husband’s great work, Iris! We planted the garden two months before we moved here and I had the accident two weeks before we moved here, so it’s my husband and his occasional helpers who deserve the praise.

  6. Lovely, lovely white flowers. I have one bed running along the side of the garden that is all yellow and white, but nature thinks this is a big joke and all the strongest coloured plants self-seed and pop up there.

      1. HI Cynthia, I do, I have around 600 hostas. From 1993 to 2010 I use to hybridize hostas, and at my peak I had over 1400 plants, not counting my seedlings and tissue culture plants. During the spring and summer month I had tours of my garden every weekend. I was a member of the American Hosta Society during those years and very active with the AHS and out local hosta society. Love growing hostas but I am not involved like I once was. Here is a link that you might like if you grow hostas; http://www.hostalibrary.org/

      2. Hi Michael:
        600 hostas? SIX HUNDRED? My goodness, Michael. That’s a lotta hosta. But as I read further, I see that hostas were a passion of yours, and that means you must know a lot about the different kinds. Thanks very much for the link. One thing I’m curious about: is it my imagination, or are white blooming hosta relatively rare?

  7. I love white flowers and ideally the summer should be warm with light winds and gentle showers to show them off. They look so sad when battered by wind and heavy rain. I have been waiting for my white gardenia to bloom – it is late this year because we had such a cold spring and cool start to the summer. The buds were very large yesterday so I knew the first flowers would appear today. And so they did – but sadly we have had a day of continuous heavy rain and it is to be very windy overnight too! We desperately needed the rain; but my poor gardenia! 😦

      1. No not a silly question. It is in a container and I could have moved it and covered it but didn’t. Fortunately it is quite close to the house and was protected from the worst of the weather. The flowers that decided to open aren’t too badly damaged. We have some sunshine this afternoon but the winds are still strong and the heavy rain is set to return tonight. We had a month’s rain in 24 hours yesterday and the ponds are full again. Strange weather indeed.

  8. I figured out what changed with WordPress and am able to comment again, now that I know how to work around it.

    Your white garden is beautiful. My mother always loved white flowers, too. Her favorite was her white peony.

    1. Lavinia! It’s wonderful to have you back. Thank you for being here again! And I shall soon be looking for your August newsletter — always so soulfully-written. You must be a singer-songwriter (big smile).

  9. I love that goatsbeard. It’s funny I never thought about just white and green for a garden as my mind always puts color into gardens. I think a white and green garden would be crisp, clean and beautiful!

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