A Good Home

At Home with Sandra Walton-Ball

Cynthia Reyes

David Walton-Ball opens the door of his summer home, east of Toronto, and is greeted by a child looking up at him:

“Can Sandra come out to play?”

Blog Photo - Artist Sandra and David in Orchard

Sandra — you may be surprised to hear —  is not a child.

Blog Photo - Artist Sandra's Studio Wall

She’s David’s wife, a talented artist whose work hangs in galleries in Canada and Mexico.

Blog Photo - Artist Sandra Painting of Island

Blog Photo - Artist Sanda Painting side viewNeighborhood children gravitate towards her and she loves them. So she teaches children to create their own artwork.

Blog Photo - Artist Sandra and Student

She and the children have developed a system at her small studio at the summer house.

Blog Photo - Artist Sandra stands at work table

If this sign is up, Sandra can’t come out to play.

Blog Photo - Artist Sandra's Sign

In Mexico where she and David spend the winter, Sandra teaches art to children whose parents can’t afford to pay for lessons.

“We put on Andrea Bocelli and the children sing along.”

San Miguel de Allende is home to many artists from Canada and the U.S.

Blog Photo - Artist Sandra and Leonard's painting

Years ago, Sandra…

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13 thoughts on “At Home with Sandra Walton-Ball”

  1. Sandra sounds like a delightful teacher and friend. I was lucky to have one similar teacher who helped me open to creativity. And play is good. I’m overdue for some fun. How about you Cynthia? 🙂

  2. what a wonderful smile she has 🙂
    a teacher who is in love with I think, she has a gift from the heavens,
    I love the wind swept Pines on the cliff….
    Thank you for sharing her and her world with us Cynthia, I enjoyed wandering in her story
    Take Care…You Matter…

  3. Cynthia, the following observation of yours gave me goosebumps: “Perhaps the Monarchs were saying thanks for all your good works with the children in Mexico?” A beautiful thought. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was the true reason for their visit.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. I want to be like her!!! I just have to find a place to squeeze a summer house into my city lot. FUN! I truly admire her after our visit to our local art museum yesterday.
    I studied art in college and after kids, work etc…it got lost-..thank you for sharing, after my visit to the museum and reading this I know what I will be doing next! Inspiring post Cynthia:-)
    Truly a “hero this woman:-) lucky kids:-)

    1. You studied art – wow, Robbie. You must get back to it when you can. As for finding a place for your studio: you are one of the most resourceful women I know. You will.

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