A Good Home

In the Garden with Gail and Sam

Cynthia Reyes

Right away, you can tell that two avid gardeners live here.

Blog Photo - Gail's garden - implements on tray

These gloves don’t stay idle for long.

Blog Photo - Gail's Garden - Covered Porch

Gail and Sam have lived in their home in a city east of Toronto for 25 years.

Blog Photo - Gail's Garden - Covered Porch 2

Theirs is a mature, complex garden that is tended conscientiously every day. It has trees, vines, ponds, statuary, gazebos, and plants that grow in the ground and in a multitude of containers.

Blog Photo - Gail's Garden Buddha

Of course, a gardener’s work is never done. If you’re a gardener, you’ll relate to this moment:

The camera comes out and Gail spies a weed — way, way at the back of the garden.

“Wait!” she says. “Let me remove that weed!” As she pulls one, she finds one more. And one more.

Blog Photo - Gail pulling weeds

A Canadian who was born and raised in Jamaica, Gail has fond memories of the island.

Blog Photo - Gail's Garden  Pond closer shot

This garden helps her to keep connected to it.

“We come out here…

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19 thoughts on “In the Garden with Gail and Sam”

  1. In such a short summer, compared to us, there is such green beauty.
    Hope to see a post of gardens in winter. Must be beautiful in the snow.
    Sending our best.

  2. I always like visiting other gardens, thanks for the invite, Cynthia! I’ve been looking for the 2nd part of your post on South Africa – have you written it already or do I have to be patient? Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. So well said. Funny, I was just on your site, re-reading your July newsletter, (not nagging you for the August one — yet!!) and I once again thought your descriptions of the weather and the rain so beautiful. Gee whiz, you must be a singer-songwriter or something. (big smile)

      1. Thank you! 🙂 I have to blame my 10th grade teacher and his creative writing class. As hard as he was on us, he instilled a love for the written word. I never thought he liked me, but on the last day after the final exam he said I was his only bright and shining star. That shocked me, as I thought he was prejudiced against students who were in the agricultural program, although college bound. I hope I will live to do justice to his faith in me. I have never forgotten him.

      2. Well, Kiddo, I’d say you already are. Your writing is beautiful. I remember reading a few of your posts and thinking: “Now why didn’t I think to describe a scene/event/image like that?”

        You just have to keep writing, Lavinia.

  3. You certainly have a beautiful garden! It looks like you also have a good feel about arranging things and making the entire place look attractive! It is an advantage to have and take care about such garden!
    I have great plants, but since it’s not my place, I don’t care really about the garden. I didn’t see you on Facebook recently, but I have plenty of beautiful and really inexpensive art pieces for sale this and next Sat and Sun, downtown Whitby. You are a person who appreciates beauty, so I thought I just let you know.

    1. Not my garden, Inese, but I agree: Gail and Sam’s garden is lovely!
      Thanks for letting me know about your art sale. If possible, we will visit and I will do my best to promote it. What times on Saturdays and Sundays?
      I’ve also tweeted your art classes, and posted on Facebook.

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