A Good Home

A Family’s Labour of Love

An exceptionally beautiful garden.

Cynthia Reyes

Photos by Hamlin Grange

One of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen grows behind a very modern house not far from Toronto’s downtown.Blog Photo - Mary's Garden Long shot from lower level

A lush, hidden garden in a world of its own.

A place where tall trees loom into the sky, water flows peacefully, plants thrive and a discovery waits around every corner.

Blog Photo - Mary's Garden Steps and Trees

The garden is the ‘labour of love’ of Mary and Bob and their family. (Mary is on the right, below.)

Blog Photo - Mary's Garden Mary and CR

Blog Photo - Mary's Garden Cat

While there’s no doubt that Mary provides the driving passion behind the garden (and loves nothing better than working in it) Bob and daughter Adrianne also play central roles.

Blog Photo - Mary's Garden structure 1

“Bob built the arbor and pergola and has been so supportive of my passion,” Mary says.

Bob, right, shows a visitor the garden Bob, right, shows a visitor the garden

“My Adrianne has been a big part of the creation. She is an incredible artist and we love when her time…

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19 thoughts on “A Family’s Labour of Love”

  1. Cynthia, it’s hard to believe this luscious garden is still so young. It goes to show that with mature trees, passion, and creativity (and help from the family) anything is possible in a garden. Loved the tour.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Garden as canvas. I love that idea! Yes, it does feel like that. What is your weather like in Toronto? It must be milder than I am thinking it is. The gardens are so lush and beautiful.

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