Ah, Well…

This one still makes me laugh.

Cynthia Reyes - Author

I love this man

I really do

For many, many reasons


And he’s been here

Right by my side

Through many different seasons

Blog Photo - Flowers Bouquet1

But tell me now

When I show you

This nice bouquet of flowers


Would you not say:

“Oh Cynthia, wow

You’ve got such lovely powers!”

Blog Photo - flowers Bouquet2

And so I did

Show him my craft

Expecting him to praise me


Such praise that makes

Me burst in smiles

And makes my pulse go crazy

Blog Photo - flowers Bouquet 3

But this is what

That good man said

Believe me, it’s no fable:


“Is that the old

White chenille spread

You put out on the table?

Blog Photo - Flowers Bouquet4

Dedicated to my Better Half. 

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30 responses to “Ah, Well…

  1. That’s so funny and made wonderful in poem form! It IS an artful little arrangement and chenille + wicker = the popular shabby-chic look, right?:0)).

  2. Ahhh, how sweet! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I’m so pleased you still have your lovely chenille. How are you? Hope you are coping okay?

  4. Gotta love them 🙂
    Sweet poem, lovely flower arrangement 🙂

  5. The arrangement is beautiful, and a wonderful poem to go with it!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you too. Keep hanging in there!

  6. Such fun! Sounds just like something my husband would say!

  7. Proof that men and women are different. Something to do with the rods and cones in their eyes. Honest! Reams of info on this on the net.

  8. Margaret Mair

    I guess it goes to show we don’t all see things the same way – whatever the reason! Thank you for the smile, and the flowers.

  9. Love it! Thanks for sharing .. 😀

  10. Thanks for making me smile on a wet gloomy in what’s meant to be our famous Bristish summer.

  11. Garth Bolton

    Great poem Cynthia! This reminds me so much of myself…my wife would totally identify with you on this !!!
    Hope you are doing ok.
    Oh….and by the way, your bouquet is beautiful.

  12. I think there is comfort to be found in your husband’s response. ‘Real’ Men often don’t notice things like flowers and decor. I bet he only has eyes for you! x

    • I think he bribed you to write that comment! I hope your summer goes well, dear Karen. I wanted to make the Rasberry Vinegar, but couldn’t find 2 lbs of raspberries for less than a queen’s ransom in the nearby stores. I haven’t given up. (The raspberry bush in our garden doesn’t yield enough.)

      • Raspberries are terribly expensive to buy here too. I have so many bottles of Raspberry Vinegar and would love to give you some. It is sooo good on icecream! Except I got a little too enthusiastic in pouring some on a desert for friends the other day. I added too much and everyone started coughing!!

  13. I agree with above, something my husband would say! LOL I like Karen’s comment -he only has eyes for you! It is a great song too:-)

  14. Yes, it’s a good one. I also like the post on the recycled card.

  15. He noticed the tablecloth at least. Result!

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