A Good Home

Books, Gardens and Bob Marley

Cynthia Reyes

I can barely describe how marvelous it is to be the author-guest of a book club again.

I’ve been mostly at home since November – doctor’s orders – rarely venturing out.

But last year I’d accepted two book club invitations for this spring-summer and I really hoped to be able to carry through.  Well, hooray! I did.

Blog Photo - Book Club 1 2014

The first was hosted by Samantha (left) at her lovely Toronto home, where a very animated discussion took place aboutA Good Home.  The members knew the book very well, and were prepared for a great discussion. I loved being with them.

Thank you, ladies.

The second was The Ladies Literary Liquid Lunch.  (Great name!)

Blog Photo - Book Club Pool and Rock Garden

Blog Photo - Book Club Pond

 The club met in this garden in the countryside near Toronto.

Blog Photo - Book Club Lunch Preparations

Blog Photo - Book Club Linda with tray

Host Linda went all out to capture the Jamaican theme of A Good Home’s early chapters.

Blog Photo - Book Club Table Setting

She set the table in tropical colours.

Blog Photo - Book Club Table Setting CU

With colourful…

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14 thoughts on “Books, Gardens and Bob Marley”

    1. Sorry about that. It doesn’t take much in high temperatures and no rain to make everything start to dry up. We had a few days like that here and the vegetable garden and lawn were looking rough.

  1. It sounds and looks like a perfect combination of good : food, company, garden and talk of books. Bliss! I really enjoy belonging to a book club, we’ve only had one author-guest but it was such a memorable evening.

    1. I can imagine, Kate. I love the give and take between the members and the author. And now technology allows you to have an author take part via Skype or Face time or other means, even if they are far away. An idea for book clubs to consider.

  2. I look in awe and amazement at these beautiful gardens and wonder where on earth do people find the time to tend such extensive beauty? And how lovely to have such a wonderful reception for you and discussion of your book!

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