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The Last of the Summer Vine

The summer vines are nearing the end of bloom-time.

Blog Photo - Blue Clematis single

But – oh! – they were so lovely when they were blooming!

Blog Photo - Garden rain lavender blue clematis

My favourites, Clematis, flowered in different shapes and colours.

Blog Photo - Garden rain blue-lavender clems

Some bloomed all summer, and some bloomed twice.

Blog Photo - Garden rain pink and lavender clems

Blog Photo - Afternoon Tea Clematis Burgundy

So here’s to the blooming vines in all our gardens: those that have already given their all this summer, and those that are hanging on and blooming their last.

Blog Photo - Clems doubles

Blog Photo - Blue-Pink clems

Blog Photo - Garden rain cu of lavender blue clematis

Blog Photo - Blue clems atop Pinks

Blog Photo - Garden rain Clematis dark blue

Blog Photo - Red clems on Trellis

Blog Photo - Clem Purple

And, as summer ends, I offer a warm welcome to the morning glories who are now ‘in their glory’.

Blog Photo - Blue Morning glory

55 thoughts on “The Last of the Summer Vine”

  1. Gorgeous! I am encouraging my October Skies aster to grow, grow, grow this year so it shines in full come autumn. It’s always my last blaze of glory before the brown and gray take over . . .

  2. Beautiful, you are the Clematis Queen. Clematis is somewhat difficult to grow in the south and we kill a lot of it. Now I know why – it needs to be in Canada with you!

  3. There are so many different types of clematis in your garden and all are beautiful. I like the way you have two different ones growing together – lovely colour combination! In our garden we only have one and that didn’t flower this year as I had to hack it back in the late winter. My Morning Glories were late in germinating this year because of the cold spring and cool start to summer. Usually they flower from early July until the first frosts but this year their first flowers were at the beginning of August.

  4. Since no one else was silly enough to say it, I will….bloomin’ lovely. πŸ˜€ In a few weeks I will plant a clematis paniculata. I hope it will be hardier than my blue clematis. I won’t expect any flowers this season though.

  5. Your Clematis are all beautiful and the Morning Glory reminds me of a very happy time in my life when I had my first proper garden, I had very little money and my mum gave me a packet of Morning Glory Seeds, they were planted in the shelter of a west facing wall and were glorious, I can remember now the feeling of joy just looking at their wonderful flowers.

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