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Room for a Child

Dawn Gillespie does a wonderful thing: she furnishes rooms for children from poor families.

Why does she do it?

“We believe every child deserves to live in a calm, attractive space and to sleep in a warm, comfortable bed.”


Dawn started this in 2012, after she retired.

“I remembered so many children I had worked with as an educator who had very little in the way of material goods.  As both a teacher and an administrator, my favourite schools were always in ‘priority neighbourhoods’.

“At the same time, my friends and I began facing the life changes that involved cleaning out the home or apartment of a parent or other loved one who had moved to a care facility or had passed away.  So much beautiful wood furniture that does not suit a young person’s taste these days.  I began to wonder why there was not some way to get that unwanted furniture to those who really needed it.”

Dawn took a course which required her to create a project. Room For A Child was born.

She makes no money from it. Helping children and families in need is the goal.

She has helped many families over the years.

We recently met Dawn and her husband when we donated furniture to Room For A Child. We were immediately intrigued by the fact of this one woman, helped by her husband, quietly securing furniture so a child can have a bed, a dresser, a desk.

 “In my first installation, I went 3 times to patch and sand drywall before we could paint.  Two little boys had requested blue paint.  When it was done, they came in from school.  They were silent, big eyes looking at the walls, walking slowly and stroking the walls like they were fine fabric.  Then one said reverently ‘Oh mummy. It’s so pretty!’ “

**Do have a look at these Before and After photos of the rooms she has furnished for children:


Dawn holds the occasional fundraiser to finance her work. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to promote it in October – my computer crashed, taking the very nice draft-post with it, and my body followed suit. I hope Dawn will forgive me for being late, and I hope my mother was right when she said “better late than never”.

If you or someone you know lives in the Greater Toronto area and have furniture to donate – please contact Dawn via her website : http://roomforachild.ca/contact-us/

Or Phone: 647-993-1653

Brava, Dawn, and best wishes.


64 thoughts on “Room for a Child”

  1. Thanks to Dawn (and others like her) who spend their time helping children. I am involved in an agency who helps homeless women and children so this touched me. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  2. Thank you for sharing Dawn’s work, this was quite moving and makes me realise how much can be achieved with a good heart and willing hands. Dawn is an inspiring woman, what a wonderful project.

  3. It’s amazing what can be achieved for just a bit of thought and effort. Thanks for a lovely share, Cynthia, and I hope that your body has recovered a little. 🙂

  4. What a wonderful idea. Thank you to Dawn for creating little oases for children, and to you for sharing the story. One for passing on to others, I think.

  5. This is wonderful. One pink unicorn can go along way with an imaginative child. There are so many dreams to hold on to in sleep.

  6. Thank you Cynthia, for your kind comments about Room for a Child. I really appreciate your support. This fall Room for a Child has improved the bedroom spaces of a dozen children. We gave them lovely spaces and gave all of those who contributed, real awareness that they made a difference.
    Our volunteers seem tireless and return to continue the work. I congratulate them. Hats off also to Randy Held Painting and Decorating. Randy provides us with free paint to help transform each room.
    Thanks again for your help in spreading the word. The need never ends.

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