Giftish Books/Bookish Gifts

I chose these books because there’s an attractive freshness to them. They’re also mainly Canadian.

Jim’s Star, by Paul Nicholas Mason. A collection of stories with a Christmas theme, this small book is an affordable Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. Set in places such as small-town Ontario, Canada and Zimbabwe, these stories are charmingly written. Great for reading alone or to an audience.

Awakening in the Northwest Territories, by Alastair Henry. A man with a restless spirit, a failed marriage, and a yearning for meaning, finds himself working with the Dene people of Canada’s north. A refreshingly frank and personal book about Alastair’s awakening to other ways of living.

Blog Photo Awakening

Alone: A Winter in the Woods by Felicity Sidnell-Reid and illustrator Jirina Marton.  I love this book. Adults and adolescents will find the story harrowing, gripping and a great read. A 13-year old boy finds himself alone in the Canadian wilderness during a brutal winter and makes friends with an Indigenous boy his own age. A story of survival, set in 1797,  it’s a compelling and beautifully written book, by Sidnell-Reid with images by Marton who won the Governor General’s Award for Illustration in 2009.

Blog Photo Alone

Oldenglen, by Robin Mason and Michael Mason. Yes, Canada’s exceptionally creative Mason family has been prolific this year.  Robin, a lawyer and father of three, wrote this book with his father, 91-year old Michael. An adventure-filled story for young people, this absorbing novel is the first of a 3-part fantasy series. Oldenglen is set in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.

Blog Photo Oldenglen

A Journey Just Begun, by the Sisterhood of St. John The Divine. If you’ve read my book A Good Home, or my feature story in Arabella Magazine, you’ll know that this unusual Anglican Sisterhood is a very special order: women of various backgrounds – interesting, creative, well-educated – who have dedicated their lives to God and the service of others.  A Journey Just Begun tells their story in text and photos – from building and running a prominent rehabilitation hospital, to offering many activities, including monastic hospitality to individuals and groups. Author Jane Christmas and Sister Constance Joanna Gefvert, the first nun from this order to become a priest, are the editors and lead writers.

Blog Photo A Journey Just Begun



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25 responses to “Giftish Books/Bookish Gifts

  1. Thank you for the suggestions. As my piles of books overflow I mutter “just what I need more interesting books to buy”… and yet it is a disease I enjoy too much to give up.

  2. Bless you, Cynthia. May I make your readers aware that Jim’s Star & Other Christmas Stories is available only, at present, from — and that while the site says it is “temporarily out of stock,” it will be back in stock on December 8 (and Amazon ships very quickly).

  3. This sounds like a wonderful collection of books. I love how you highlight people, places and stories that you know and love. To sharing love…

  4. Oh I must look into these. Thanks for posting~

  5. A great selection Cynthia. I am very interested in and tempted by A Journey Just Begun – not that I haven’t got heaps of books I haven’t read yet!

  6. A lovely thoughtful and timely post Cynthia, “Alone, A Winter in the Woods” sounds my cup of tea from your selections, I have bookmarked your link and added it to my wish list. 🙂

  7. What an interesting collection. I like the sound of the story “Alone”.

  8. What an interesting set of recommendations–not at all the sort of middle-of-the-road stuff we normally see from the big-box booksellers!

  9. Thank you for your suggestions! No better gift than a good book!

  10. Since I have very little time to read it’s wonderful to have these suggestions! I am ordering “Alone” first. Thank you for these choices!!

  11. Thanks for the book recommendations, Cynthia. “Alone” is something I would definitely like to read….once I’m done with the stack on my nightstand and the ones loaded on my kindle. 🙂

  12. These look like fascinating reads…thank you so much for the recommendations!

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