Diversity Lessons from Kinu

In memory of our sweet giant Kinu. Thanks to Hamlin for this post from December 2009.

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It is said that the only fault of dogs, is that they don’t live very long.   

Kinu, our beloved Akita, lived to the prime “old age” of 12 years. If it is to be believed, in human years he was 84.   

Kireisa’s Little Big Man “Kinu” pranced across the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, Dec 12 at high Noon. He was surrounded by his human family to the very end, his head in my lap.   

Kinu is Japanese for silk and his soft coat aptly fit the description. He was a gentle giant – once tipping the scale at a robust 120 lbs – with a kind soul and big heart. He loved small yappy dogs and children; being always gentle and patient with them.   

He came from good stock: His father was American Champion Big-O Thunderheart “Murphy” of Kokomo; his mother, Kireisa’s Champagne Dream “Moka” was descended from a long…

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15 responses to “Diversity Lessons from Kinu

  1. Kinu was a very wise dog. I know how much you miss him. They are gone from sight, our companions, but never from mind.

  2. Beautiful shot of Kinu Cynthia – always present, if only in our memories.

  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    A lovely tribute to a loyal friend who has left his mark.

  4. Valerie Rowley

    Having said a tearful farewell to many dogs over my lifetime, I know how hard it is to do and what a empty space is left behind. Christopher and I feel for you and Hamlyn at this sad time.

  5. A lovely tribute to a great and wise friend!! Forever in our hearts, right? xo Johanna

  6. Thank-you so much for re-blogging this heartfelt tribute. Anniversaries of the deaths of our friends are such bitter-sweet times.

  7. Cynthia, what a lovely tribute your husband wrote for your beloved Kinu. I also enjoy it when a dog tilts its head while listening to its Mistress—for one of the best gifts you can give anyone is an attentive ear.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  8. We miss them so much 😦 I lost my darling big boy this year after 11 years of faithful companionship. Hugs xxxx

  9. What a sweetheart he was, and what a blessing it is that these wonderful beings walk with us for a while.

  10. I have just read Hamilin’s tribute and really moving lessons learnt. He was a beautiful dog, I can imagine the gap he left for you both.

  11. They teach us so much! And I think it is very brave for us softies to take them on because we know our hearts will break wide open, as most of them go before we do. Beautiful dog and a beautiful story.

  12. How special … what a lovely dog who I am sure was much loved indeed!

  13. Thank you for the story! Our beloved pets never leave our memories. Kinu was a great companion, hope he is happy wherever in Universe he is waiting to greet you when the time comes.

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