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To Make You Smile – A Bit of Foolishness

I’m not talking to my husband.

The problem  is that I can’t remember why.

“How can you be mad at a person and not remember why?” he asks in disbelief.

“I don’t know. I just know.”

Which makes about as much sense as holding a grudge for something you can’t remember.

“Did you have another dream?”


There was the time, long ago, when I dreamed that a woman flirted with my husband.

I woke up the next morning and was very upset with him.

“Was she pretty, at least?” he asked.

“This is not a joking matter,” I replied huffily.

“But why are you blaming me? SHE was the one who flirted!”

“Well, you were probably encouraging her!”

“So you’re blaming ME because some woman flirted with me — in a  dream?” He asked.


“But it wasn’t even MY dream!” he protested.

“That’s no excuse,” I pouted.


Now, what the heck had he done this time? I couldn’t remember.

It wasn’t because of The Case of the Missing Ski Sock. 

Although, I was pretty mad at the time.

“Are you sure you didn’t put my sock somewhere?” he kept asking. “That’s my expensive ski sock.”

So of course I went looking.  Hours later, I’d completely re-organized his very messy closet – but still no sock.

He had learned early on that if he accused me of removing his keys, pen, wallet, cell phone, socks — you name it — I’d go searching till I found the darned thing, right where he had misplaced it. But it took me decades to catch on. Decades. Yes, I’m really that daft.

Now, if only I could recall why I’m mad at him this time.

How can I forgive and forget if I can’t remember?


Dedicated to all loving partners who con their spouses into finding things they’ve lost — and to the loving, crazy people they live with. 


48 thoughts on “To Make You Smile – A Bit of Foolishness”

  1. Very good! We both use a stock response e.g. Q. (Prowling angrily round the desk) Have you seen my propelling pencil? A. No, shall I report the loss to the police? (usually gets a laugh and a readjustment of priorities). It is amazing how such things can throw us, though.

  2. Oh Cynthia, how funny! I also do the finding of lost property and I’m sure my family don’t even try to look for things, they just come straight to me just like your good man does to you. I get really angry sometimes but it is often pointless trying to explain why I’m cross as it all sounds so petty and my family wouldn’t understand anyway.
    I had such a laugh about you being cross with Hamlin because you dreamt a woman flirted with him!

    1. I hear you, sister. As if you are the repository of lost things…. but when the thing is found, the general relief is so palpable, my irritation dissolves. Until the next time!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful to be blessed with such a love.
    When someone knows your true heart, it’s okay to be huffy sometimes.
    A loving and fun relationship is what I see in your blogs about hubby.
    Thanks for the smile.

  4. Cynthia you made my night with this post!! I sometimes get “scrambled” in my anger with Rob because I will be explaining why I should be angry and he will keep saying things like “but you’re beautiful when you are mad” or “I love you” over and over until I can’t remember why I was mad…which is maddening!!

    1. These men must go to the same school for charmingly defusing our irritation at them. I fully recognize Rob’s strategy, my friend. Been on the receiving end of it, just like you!

  5. It seems so often that men lose things and women find them. I know that I can get Judy to look for my lost item by stomping around and muttering. Then if she is annoyed, I can say: “What? I didn’t ask you to look for it.”

    1. You’re an honest man, Jason…even if you do have your gig perfectly orchestrated. I guess it’s more fool us women – we always get up and go looking! We should just get up and go for a walk!

  6. This is so funny, Cynthia. I always tell hubby to have a ‘woman’s look’ when searching for something. After nearly thirty years he now says, ‘I couldn’t find it because I looked for it like a man and not a woman, but I’m learning’. 😀

  7. Very funny Cynthia – I too sometimes have a dream about my husband and wake up mad at him – bizarre isn’t it?! And your lost sock story reminds me of the greeting card I saw once with a husband and an open refrigerator door. The shelves have dozens of butter boxes lined up and the caption is “Hon, where’s the butter?” LOL. My sister in law says when you can’t find something be sure to consult the ovarian range finder because clearly men cannot find ANYTHING!!

  8. I was doing well at maintaining my reputation as finder of all things lost until just the other day. That was when I failed to find the document I was looking for until I had been through every file and box around and hunted through our storage locker – only to finally come across it in the very place I had looked first. Sigh.

    As for glasses, and phones – seems I can put them down in the most logical of places and promptly forget where they are.

    But my husband still asks me where his things are…

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