A Good Home


Merry Christmas to you all. Poem written two years ago, but I hope it makes you smile.

Cynthia Reyes

Tiny Perfect Christmas Tree Tiny Perfect Christmas Tree

The tree’s too small and tends to fall

The angel’s tattered most of all

The lights don’t work, the garlands drop

But in this home it’s Christmas.


Photo by H. Grange Angel with baubles

The Christmas gifts aren’t quite wrapped yet

The puppy peed, the floor got wet

(That smell we sniffed was a sure bet)

But in this home, it’s Christmas.


Blog Photo - Winter Garden

The snow outside is fluffy and bright

The turkey’s cooked and it’s done right

The baked ham glistens in candlelight

And in this home, it’s Christmas.


Blog Photo - Christmas Table

This house has seen a hundred years

Of laughter, hopes and even tears

Of festive times and warmth and grace

And joy and peace at Christmas.


We wish you warmth, we wish you love

Peace landing gently as a dove

We wish you rest, we wish you joy

In your good home, this Christmas.

Selfie Ornament Ornament Selfie

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  1. A lovely poem, and everything there looks beautiful! I like the ornament selfie, too.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! No snow here after all, but we have green grass in December, and I caught a beautiful rainbow the other day.

    1. Merry Christmas, Theresa. And thank you! Thanks to Karen Pickering, I learned that it goes perfectly with the tune to “I saw three ships coming sailing in…” So our whole family sang it this evening.

  2. Tree certainly looks perfect! I believe the most important things about Christmas are light, warmth and love one can share. Happy and inspiration filled New Year Cynthia! I hope you write many more articles, posts, poems and share them with us!

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