Kissing the Rain

“I kissed the rain,” my daughter said

As raindrops glistened on her head

The beads of water on her face

That shone with such delighted grace


“I kissed the rain”, she told me then

And though I’ve now forgotten when

My young child said this precious gem

Those words, I still remember them:

“I kissed the rain.”



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32 responses to “Kissing the Rain

  1. Beautiful image and a lovely poem Cynthia.

  2. Such a sweet poem! Gem indeed. My daughter is almost 34, but I still remember her ‘special’ phrases 🙂

  3. Lovely turn of phrase that makes me want to play in the rain!

  4. That is so lovely Cynthia and so evocative.

  5. I love what kids come out with. My son once asked me if it was true that snails sing.

  6. Georgeina

    Beautiful thought, Cynthia.

  7. Cynthia, I’m not surprised you’re the kind of mother who remembers. You’ve listened with your heart. Lovely poem.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  8. What beautiful words from your daughter, enveloped and expressed in your own beautiful words of remembrance and love.

  9. Oh, the joy and delight of a child’s discovery, feeling, and ordering of the world. Nice memory. Nice poem

  10. What sweet words to have in your memory. I would lap up the rain (as well as kiss it) if it came now. We are so thirsty for it.

  11. Oh my that is quite lovely .. To think you can kiss the rain! So sweet ..

  12. What a fabulous observation and so beautifully enshrined in your poem.

  13. I love this phrase and poem Cynthia, it so evocative of simple heart-warming pleasures, remembered with love.

  14. Lovely, Cynthia! Our children say such clever things.

  15. Kissed the rain; beautiful image! 😊

  16. Worth remembering, for sure! (And thanks for sharing!!!)

  17. Oh, isn’t that the sweetest image? And so smart that you put it down in your own poetic way, so you’ll always remember.

  18. How lovely. Kids can come up with the most precious comments.

  19. What a sweet memory, Cynthia.

  20. Wonderful, precious, memory~

  21. Such a wonderful way to remember a simple phrase from your child! Love this

  22. Joanne Schuetzl

    Love Love this poem Cynthia!
    Love Tony&Joanne!💕💕💕

  23. Children seem to always discover the simple pleasures in life. Lovely poem, Cynthia.

  24. I love your young daughter’s expression. I’m going to remember it the next time I get grumpy when the rain is kissing me back. XO

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