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Moments of Joy

Cynthia Reyes

Moments of joy: a gift beyond measure:

Blog Photo - Flowers from Daughter

Flowers from my daughter and son-in-law, who live far away and send the nicest bouquets of flowers when we least expect it. Thank you, dear Daughter and Son-in-law.

Blog Photo - Lake Trees Sky

Scenes of water and trees during the warm months.

Blog Photo - CR and Kinu

Pictures of our gentle giant Kinu. Despite his enormous size, he was a sweet dog who had no idea why some strangers were reluctant to come close.

Blog Photo - Kitchen Dog Sleeps

Mr. D., the sweet little dog my younger daughter rescued.

Blog Photo - Dawson runs

Easter weekend made 4 years since she brought him home. (Thanks for your kind heart, dear Daughter.)

Scenes from summer, like the day lilies that will bloom profusely this July.

Blog Photo - flowers - Day lily double orange

Time spent on the farmhouse verandah.

Blog Photo - Verandah chairs

And moments like this one below: I was signing books at St. George’s Anglican Church in Toronto and a little girl, Tatyana, marched over and asked me to take a photo with her…

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38 thoughts on “Moments of Joy”

  1. where is the photo of Tatyana at the book signing? ah would love to see it.one lovetony

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  2. I would love to come and sit on your verandah. These sort of precious moments with home, family, loved pets and the beauty of nature are what make life worth living.

  3. Kinu and Mr. D look like very sweet dogs. I know you must miss him very much. Our time with our animal companions is all too short. I’m glad your daughter could rescue Mr. D.

    1. Lavinia, you’re right. We do still miss him. He was a real presence in our home, not just for us, but for relatives and friends too. Our two daughters are very pet-friendly people, bless their hearts.

  4. Your beautiful post was a very pleasant way to spend this evening – just loved seeing Kinu and Mr. D. The veranda is a place that is charming and says “welcome home” – a wonderful place to enjoy a quiet afternoon. Have a great weekend Cynthia.

    1. Thank you very much, Julie. To tell the truth: I didn’t always stop to honour those small moments of joy. I started counting my blessings and moments of joy as survival strategies. I recommend them highly.

  5. So love the mother daughter and you at the book signing. Wish everyone moments of joy.

    *Paula de Ronde* *Read to know. Travel to Discover. Live and love.*

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