So many times….

So many times I’ve worked in Italy, yet never got to Capri.

And I was obviously hanging out with the wrong people, because I never got invited to a place like this one! 

Photo from Lionard Luxury Estates

If you become the buyer, promise that you’ll invite me to visit, okay? The best time for me is during the Canadian winter, say February or March.

Thank you kindly.



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62 responses to “So many times….

  1. I’d like visitation rights too! 🙂

  2. I’ve visited once, and the beautiful memories are still vivid in my mind. 🙂

  3. Not destined for me. Every time I clicked it failed to load. Lesson there. But big houses = lots of cleaning. Therefore, not good.

    Aspirations? I’ve learnt to stick with simple. Much easier.

    • And there I was thinking you’d be the buyer … tee hee… Never mind the grand house — I aspire to the ocean, the lovely tropical flowers, and the sunshine during the winter. If you were in Canada, you’d know that’s a huge luxury.

  4. If you have an ocean nearby, mild winter weather, sunshine and some flowers in the winter, I’ll sleep on your floor. So your one-bedroomedness won’t keep me from visiting you! (But would the dogs come and lick my face?)

  5. Well, Cynthia you can come visit me next winter. The greyhounds will be happy to see you, but I am lacking an ocean view. Gotta love those Italians pricing on the villa 5 to 10 million something? Oops, it didn’t specify.

  6. Capri looks like a much better place to be than here. I can imagine dancing on the sandy beach then swimming in the sea.

    • And that’s what pictures like these do. They remind us of the sea, the blue skies, the flowers, and they get our imagination going. Imagination is a marvellous thing – a movie of your own making, right there in your own mind. So I shall imagine sitting on that verandah with a cool drink, a footstool under my feet, a good book, and the view of the water.

  7. I’d be happy with a small home, as long as I had that view. 🙂

  8. My coast is not that beautiful but I do live in a modest home a block from the bay (Gulf of Mexico) and have mild winters and hot summers. While I will never get to Capri (or Italy), I am thankful for what I have and will enjoy photos like this one!

  9. That ocean!! Loving the vibe of this place 🙂

  10. I always wanted to visit Capri after reading the book by Axel Munthe ‘The Story of San Michele’ at school when I was 12. It looks wonderful there and I could happily sit on that verandah and look out on that view for hours. My view from my kitchen window this morning is of rain, rain and rain.

    • I never read that book. Was it good? Maybe you still will get to go, Clare. It’s closer to England than Canada!

      A young relative of ours went to school in Italy and visited Capri. She loved it. Pity almost all my time in Italy was spent working. Though walking from the RAI TV building along the Arno river to supper in downtown Florence almost every night was a great blessing and privilege, so I will recognize and give thanks for that!

      • I would like to think that I might get to go there one day. I read the book just after leaving primary school and starting at grammar school. All the books we read that first year made such an impression on me – they were so different from the ones at home and the local library. I wasn’t sure if I would like ‘San Michele’ at first (it wasn’t fiction) but I grew to like it very much. I haven’t read it or seen it since and I had virtually forgotten about it until I read your post and I suddenly recalled it and my excitement at reading a really different book. Florence is a glorious city. I spent my first honeymoon there and got bitten to death by mosquitoes. I revisited it three years ago with Richard and Elinor and was just as impressed by its beauty. But the crowds of people everywhere….!

      • I’m so glad you got to go with Richard and Elinor. It is indeed a glorious city.

        Memory is a funny thing, isn’t it? You just reminded me that I too, got bitten by mosquitoes in Florence — I stayed in historic Florence for the first time. I also had never visited there in summer – only between autumn and early spring. It was astonishing to see the crowds of people there; the city is very different in the off-peak season. And oh, the sunshine was glorious! And the ice cream at Santa Croce! Did you go to Santa Croce?

      • My first visit was at the end of September 82 and the mosquitoes were terrible then. I didn’t notice them during our recent visit in July. I visited Santa Croce in 82 but we didn’t go inside when we were with Elinor as her back was so painful and she couldn’t stand for long. We did eat a lot of ice cream though!

  11. I’d love to visit too Cynthia, take me with you, the view looks so uplifting and to tend the garden, must be an absolute joy.

  12. Wow! Let’s plan a writer’s convention there. We could sip Italian wine and learn some great cooking whilst lounging on the verandas overlooking the water between chapters. I’m up for it.

  13. Husband and I went to Capri on a day trip. Twenty-five years, four children, three homes and too many goldfish later, I still recall that sparkling blue, golden-hued day with pure joy. Thanks for reminding me!

  14. That looks like a beautiful vacation spot, Cynthia!

  15. It is so beautiful. I have not been there but have been to the Amalfi coast, which was totally magical. I would LOVE the villa. It would mean I could invite you over and you could run some courses, or just have a holiday. I could run painting and cookery classes and we could all have supper outside every evening, under a canopy of stars. A place to fall in love 🙂

    • I’ve heard that the Amalfi coast is indeed magical. Oh, and I love the picture you paint in that place, Karen. With all your talents, you would have great projects and creative fun there. And I will come there and enjoy a holiday and run some courses. Wow.

  16. Hmm, I think you’d have to be one of these guys with something spare tucked away in Panama to run to this one.

  17. What a fantastic place to dream of enchanting visits!! Wonderful post Cynthia ~

  18. I live in the mountains of Maine, so you can guess how much I would like this!

  19. I’ve never been to either, Cynthia. If you get to Capri, take me with you, please? Please, Cynthia???

  20. Another reason why I need to go to Capri .. What a house!

  21. Cynthia, this would make a great timeshare property for Northerners who need to get away from snow (or rain). It’s free to dream—right? 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  22. OH to win that darn lottery….Can’t even imagine waking up to that view if only for a few days. What a beautiful place…thanks for sharing and giving me something to daydream about at my desk!!

  23. Mwah hahahargh! D’you think they’d let me tag along too?

  24. Kev

    If I could afford that, you’d be the first one I’d invite, Cynthia! 😀 Lol.

  25. Hey, nobody invited me, either!! LOL. I haven’t traveled in so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to look outside and see something vastly different from what I know. Maybe that’s why, in part, reading is such a joy …

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