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Happy News

The Diamond Book Awards

I just got the news: An Honest House is a finalist for the Diamond Book Award!

I am humbled and thrilled at the very same time.  Hooray!

Thank you, Kevin Cooper, for offering this wonderful award to authors and for including me in the short list.  Kevin is a UK author, musician and book reviewer who does much to highlight the work of authors from around the world.

Congrats to my fellow finalists. It’s a privilege to be in your company.

Here’s the notification I got from Kevin:

The Top Five Nominations for The Diamond Book Award

I can’t believe we’ve got there already folks! All the reviews for the first year of the Diamond Book Awards are complete. There were twenty-five submissions, but only twelve were accepted. Selecting the top five from those twelve was a gruelling exercise; far harder than I imagined it would be. From the five I’ve chosen, it must be said… All of them hold equal weight for the DBA.

In no particular order, here are the final five nominations with links to each review:

The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles by Ronald E Yates


Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora


An Honest House by Cynthia Reyes

The Fantastic Travels of William and the Monarch Butterfly by Christina Steiner

Wings of Mayhem by Sue Coletta


The Diamond Book Award is a tough award to win. All have done incredibly well to get this far. It is now up to the judging panel to decide who the award will go out to. For more information on the Diamond Book Awards please visit: The Diamond Book Awards

The Diamond Book Award winner will be announced in next month’s newsletter. Good luck guys!



116 thoughts on “Happy News”

      1. I think the interesting aspect is the diversity and international range of authors. Looking forward to seeing this award increase its reach in future years. I think the fact that Kev has set high standards makes it well worth aspiring to.

  1. It’s very kind of you to highlight all of the finalists, Cynthia… Much appreciated by all involved… Myself and the panel. 😊

    1. Thank you. The other finalists are also well worth checking out. Kevin’s critiques are certainly not brutal, but he calls it as he sees it. So when he gives five stars and says a book’s great, I’m immediately intrigued. His standards are high. I really feel honoured.

  2. I googled your book and read the first page and I was so excited! You pulled me in right away!!! (Mentioned)The Secret Garden was one of my favorite books as a young girl and the Bible was and still is a daily read. I have been looking for a new author! So happy for, and proud of you! Congratulations! Jen

  3. I know I’ve already commented on this post, Cynthia, but I wanted to let you know that in honor of your new book coming out I thought it might be nice to introduce a new reader to your previous book. It’s always nice to let them start at the beginning :-). So, I am donating a copy of A Good Home to my local library for its book sale. Plenty of my friends know about your writing but perhaps this way, one of the many lovely readers in my small community will have a chance to be introduced to your writing. Just a small tribute to a lovely lady :-).

    1. That is so thoughtful of you, Kay, and an honour to my book indeed! Thank you very much. As you know, I love local libraries and am an unofficial ambassador for them. One of humankind’s greatest inventions, the public library. I’ve spent a lot of time there and now it delights me to know that my books are in a number of libraries in Canada, the US and other countries. Hooray! Thanks again, Kay.

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