Handmade in Canada – Beautifully

Canada celebrates 150 years of confederation this year. In honour of this milestone, let’s revisit the quintessential early Canadian home: the log house of two very creative people, Jessica and Jean.

Cynthia Reyes - Author

Jessica Charnock is a stylish, beautiful woman – a former model – whose creativity is prolific.

She and her husband Jean live in the hills overlooking a sprawling lake east of Toronto. “Made in Canada”  is alive and well at their home – a house they created by joining two log cabins together. Gardens – bearing an abundance of fruit, vegetables and herbs — grow well here, as do evergreen,  oak and birch trees.

The Log House - Photo by H. Grange The Log House – Photo by H. Grange

I love visiting with Jessica and Jean. They’re gracious hosts whose welcoming home embraces me with warmth. Visiting with them also gives me a chance to practice a few words of French – a language I once worked in, though now my skills are rusty.

A walk through their home reveals a large number of Jessica’s or her husband’s creations. Upstairs, Jean’s studio is filled with intricate wooden…

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14 responses to “Handmade in Canada – Beautifully

  1. Beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia.

  2. Jessica and Jean are very creative and resourceful people. The hooked rugs are beautiful and the teddy bears adorable! I love the log house made from joining two cabins. I bet that was quite a bit of hard work!

  3. Laurie Graves

    Those rugs and those Teddy Bears! Let’s hear it for the creative life!

  4. Two very talented people, their home sounds wonderful.

  5. What beautiful work from both of them. I’d love to see more o his birdhouses – the one pictured is amazing and truly a work of art. Thanks for sharing! Jeanne

  6. Such creative people .. so very clever! And those bears 😃

  7. Wandering through a home can reveal much about those who live there.

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