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Handmade in Canada – Beautifully

Canada celebrates 150 years of confederation this year. In honour of this milestone, let’s revisit the quintessential early Canadian home: the log house of two very creative people, Jessica and Jean.

Cynthia Reyes

Jessica Charnock is a stylish, beautiful woman – a former model – whose creativity is prolific.

She and her husband Jean live in the hills overlooking a sprawling lake east of Toronto. “Made in Canada”  is alive and well at their home – a house they created by joining two log cabins together. Gardens – bearing an abundance of fruit, vegetables and herbs — grow well here, as do evergreen,  oak and birch trees.

The Log House - Photo by H. Grange The Log House – Photo by H. Grange

I love visiting with Jessica and Jean. They’re gracious hosts whose welcoming home embraces me with warmth. Visiting with them also gives me a chance to practice a few words of French – a language I once worked in, though now my skills are rusty.

A walk through their home reveals a large number of Jessica’s or her husband’s creations. Upstairs, Jean’s studio is filled with intricate wooden…

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14 thoughts on “Handmade in Canada – Beautifully”

  1. Jessica and Jean are very creative and resourceful people. The hooked rugs are beautiful and the teddy bears adorable! I love the log house made from joining two cabins. I bet that was quite a bit of hard work!

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