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From the Bookshelf: Two Memoirs by Cynthia Reyes

How fascinating for me to read a perspective on my books from a reader who is also a therapist! From what I know about many of my fellow-bloggers, I think you’ll find it interesting too. My thanks to Oscar.


p1050942We have several rocking chairs in our cabin.  In each of our great-rooms, you can find a place to sit and rock while relaxing.  When reading two memoirs by Cynthia Reyes, A Good Home and An Honest House, I envision Cynthia and her husband, Hamlin, sitting in two of those rocking chairs, sharing their stories.  Cynthia’s recollections of her life are delightful, humble and humbling, and inspiring.

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52 thoughts on “From the Bookshelf: Two Memoirs by Cynthia Reyes”

    1. You’re gonna love the stories of the bad little girls who got into every kind of trouble imaginable….
      Laurie, I can hardly wait to read Maya. I know I’m not the intended audience, but I’m still that young girl inside, and I will be reading it.

      1. I will absolutely love reading those stories of naughty goings-on. And Maya is actually a crossover book, for adults of all ages.

  1. Hi Cynthia, I enjoyed that and yes an interesting perspective and great review, your truthful determination to make the very best of what life throws at us is inspiring.

  2. Cynthia, as you know, I’ve read both these memoirs, and refer to them in my workshop on memoir writing. In fact (not alternative), I was still writing The Gift of Memoir when I read A Good Home and seized several quotes to illustrate various points. So important to talk or write about the things we need to heal from. So, I’m pleased to see a therapist is recommending your books.

  3. What an excellent double review and such an interesting one too. There was so much that Oscar said, that once he said it, it seemed obvious, though I hadn’t made the connection before! The different stages of recovery for example. The fact that our character, history and circumstances will affect the way we recover and the speed with which we recover.
    I can imagine that your books are such a comfort and really useful tools for anyone who is suffering and starting out on the road to recovery. I found them unputdownable.

    1. Thanks so much, Clare, for buying and reading my books, and for your great support of my writing. Oscar’s review is thrilling. It came out of the blue and I had no idea he was reviewing my books. What a gift!

  4. Interesting perspective from a professional. Although I am not surprised to read yet another good review of your writing.

    Am doing an edit of a short at the mo, but if you still want to send me yours over, I should be able to fit it in when I need a break. Hope all is well over there. Cold here. We had to buy a duvet! But I’ll be wearing shorts when I go down the town laters.

    1. Okay, now: stop showing off about your weather! You know that I get jealous. The only shorts I’m indulging in here in the frozen north are the short bursts of time I spend outside….actually, it’s been mild this week, and today it’s raining. I must be in Vancouver and not know it.

      1. Did I mention we don’t have heating. Mind you, the duvet is on the sofa keeping my legs and the dogs warm. Nice down the town, roasting by the time I returned home. I like rain. Until it comes through the roof.

  5. For the first 10 days’ statistics, 116 views of the review, and as you can tell a number of folks motivated to pick up your memoir, or the one they had not read yet. Most occured in the first three days (my theory is that blogs have a 3-day life), though another flurry started a couple of days ago. Some of those views may be folks who came by more than once. I am not studied enough to figure out how to find that on WordPress Stat’s… but I spend little time there: low vanity tolerance and too busy composing my next post or reading future books to review. No, actually outside in the garden…

      1. I have noticed that we have a certain number of common readers, possibly from some prior source at which we intersected some time ago. We now have a few more from those who came over from your re-blog. Guess that is what social media is about 👍🏾 Look, I just discovered where emojies are on WordPress. Weeee! 👓🐒🚀

      2. You made me laugh. I haven’t discovered them yet, but my brain absorbs new things slowly, so when I need to learn, may I please ask you? Yes, our blogging medium is ‘social’!

      3. I found the emojis under “Edit” in my tool bar at the top of the page. Makes me feel like I’m 23 three again. Wait, that was an awful year. Oh, no! 🔕

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