A Good Home

A Winter’s Tail

One of my favourite pieces of nonsense poetry for this time of year…. Have a smile, do!

Cynthia Reyes

The birds are back with songs of Spring

Their tunes incite imagining

That Winter’s end will soon arrive

And living things shall haste to thrive


Via vitalxrecognition.wordpress.com/ Image Thanks to: vitalxrecognition.wordpress.com/

A Winter’s Tail, how bittersweet!

Today it’s sun, tomorrow sleet

And wind to stop us in our tracks

And cold to freeze Spring-hungry backs


One day we feel a wave of hope

Warmed by our thoughts that we can cope

And then come gales of Winter still

And blizzards coat the windowsill


Blog Photo - Icy Winter evening

Ho, Winter! Do your level best

Your time is near to take a rest

For Lady Spring prepares to rule

She’ll thaw your ice and warm your cool


She’ll rout you, kick your icy tail

She’ll make you wish you’d stopped at hail

Who’s mighty now, oh Freezer Guy

Who rules the roost? Oh my, oh my!

Blog Photo - Rainy Garden with Flowering shrubs

Spring wakes the earth; the gardens flower


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41 thoughts on “A Winter’s Tail”

  1. This sent me on a quest to find a poem I can barely remember about the deceptiveness of spring sunshine and the cutting wind hiding in its shadows. i failed to find the poem, but i had a lovely browse along the way. Thanks.

    1. You must post it on your blog or mine if you find it, Hilary.
      Felicity Sidnell-Reid also had a Spring poem on Chris the StoryReading Ape’s blog this week that inspired me to reblog mine.

  2. Winter is one season I never minded saying goodbye to when we loved in New Hampshire. Here in Florida, that is another thing…delightful as is spring. Happy spring to you.

  3. Great poem! It is time the winter leaves. Well, it looks very promising now, and I hope we can start some garden work soon.

  4. Oh, my, dear Cynthia, I can relate to your splendid poem more than ever this year. By the way, I see your garden looks lovely in the winter too. Bring on spring. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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