A Good Home, Poem

Late Night Elegy….

Sometimes, when I’m struggling, I write a nonsense poem, or reblog one. It’s a way of cheering up others and myself at the same time. But sometimes, late at night, I give in to the ravages of pain or loss. I’ve just come through a time of mourning the deaths of people I love. Not ‘loved’, but love. So I will part the curtains and share this late-night rant with you, just this once. I hope it doesn’t offend your sensibilities:


Damn you, death

Who sent for you?

My friend’s last breath

Was not yet due.


What awful power

Gave you the right

To set the hour

Of life’s last light?


You watch and wait

Outside the door

You call it fate

You grim old whore


You reap the lives

Of young and brave

While evil thrives

Outside the grave


Once more you snatch

One who loves life

And tends his patch

With little strife.


Oh damn you, death

Who called for you

To steal life’s breath

From one so true?


26 thoughts on “Late Night Elegy….”

  1. I will always listen to your rants, Cynthia. Pain and loss are two things one should never bottle up and carry alone. I am sorry for your losses, and feel them with you. Sending you healing thoughts and the promise and renewal of the spring season.

  2. Heartfelt Cynthia and beautifully written…nothing like expression to help us all at times like these. XO

  3. Cynthia
    Sorry for your pain and loss. I can truly say I know what you are going through. I lost my husband of 53 years on Dec. 22. Your rant said what is in my heart as his death was preventable. It was asbestos related cancer. My rant is against the companies that knew asbestos caused cancer but continued to use it in their products. It is tough but I am moving forward and looking to brighter days ahead.

  4. This poem is a keeper. There are so often times when what it says is exactly how I’ve felt. It will be something to refer to. So sorry that that “grim old whore” has visited someone else that you love.

  5. I get it and agree, the poem expresses the loss of someone before it is really fair and I get it, have felt the same way (watching my best friend die of colon cancer) this poem is a keeper. Thank you.

  6. Ranting relieves the pressure but it also helps with processing. Sometimes you pull something deep out in a poem. Keep at it. You’re living with a hole and that’s not easy.

  7. Dear Cynthia,Thank you for putting into words my exact feelings about those I’ve had to say goodbye to much too soon. My head knows that their mission on this earth was complete, but my heart is reluctant to accept and understand this. I live and thrive on the memories of their goodness, and the eternal gifts they have left me. They know they are much loved and missed!

  8. Cynthia, it is lovely to read “people I love.” Our loving never stops, and we never stop feeling the love which was given to us by family and friends. 🙂

  9. Oh, no–I’m so sorry for what you’re dealing with! You name it so well and your anger and pain are so authentic. Rant on–I hope it helps.

  10. I am so sorry you have lost those you love and that you are mourning. Your poem is wonderful – you express those angry, unhappy emotions with such forceful, punching phrases. You are in my prayers as ever, my dear Cynthia.

  11. So sorry for your losses. This is worded so perfectly expressing the anger we all feel after the loss of someone close to us. I’m glad you put words to my thoughts which I’ve never been able to do!

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