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Reminders of Springs Past


Birdhouse by Jean Long

I’ve always wondered what this bird is saying — atop one of Jean Long’s clever bird feeder creations. (“Time for more food!”)

Blog Photo - Garden short flowers in front forget-me-nots

Pale blue forget-me-nots.

Blog Photo - Lilacs and forget Me Nots

‘Mama’s Garden’ in early-mid Spring.

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Maple Leaves

Japanese maple leaves in the Spring rain.

Blog Photo - Big wisteria blooms

Fat, fragrant double blooms on our Wisteria vine.

Blog Photo - Garden - Low flowers in front of tulips

Spring flowers together…..

Blog Photo - Gail's garden - implements on tray

But we must do the work….

Blog Photo - Allium

I love the purple globes of giant Allium.

Blog Photo - Rainy Branches over Hosta

The Weigela is so soaked, its branches are almost touching the ground.

And, below, the gorgeous purple-blue pansy.

Blog Photo - pansies - blue CU

Happy Spring, everyone. We’ve had rain, grey skies, and the stream out back has turned into a rushing river. But I’ll take it: Welcome, Spring!

Flower Photos by H. Grange.

27 thoughts on “Reminders of Springs Past”

  1. so lovely – especially the rain-drenched moments. but all of them are so cheerful. spring here on the west coast is about a month later than last year, but there are hopeful signs such as blossoms about to pop on the Japanese cherry trees, and the daffodils have taken over where the snowdrops left off. the poor snowdrops were literally snowbound for quite some time, very unusual here.
    but no more. it is definitely spring. thanks for sharing these colours. am looking forward to enjoying more spring colours here too. 🙂

  2. Oh, Cynthia – I keep waiting and waiting for Spring to be here. I see some daffodils here and there, but not nearly enough sunshine. Can’t wait for it to finally green up and look like your lovely garden. Cheers!

  3. Lovely, lovely, and oh, that pansy! I’ve never seen one in that shade of blue, which is definitely Maya blue.

  4. Every picture reminds me to appreciate the little things even when spring is my least favorite season. We have had nothing but rain and grey skies for weeks. I may need to build an ark for my animals soon as their pastures and areas around the yard are filled with water!!

  5. Tes photos sont magnifiques. C’est comme si j’y étais. Le printemps est si beau et nous offre tant de perspectives et de force 😉 Merci de le partager avec nous

  6. A beautiful trip down memory lane, dear Cynthia, thanks for taking me along. What kind of bird is this? Most unusual to my European eyes, a bit like a magpie perhaps? Wishing you a great spring x

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