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The Library: My Home Away from Home

Thank you, Toronto Public Library, for including me in your ongoing feature about the people who frequent the library.  I am ‘a bit’ late to post this on my blog, but as you know from the many late fines I’ve paid over the years, I’m always ‘a bit late’!

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Meet Sarah and Cynthia…

“I’m a bookworm and I’ve loved public libraries since I was a child. Steeles branch has a special place in my heart. Why? Because of the kindness of the librarians there over the years when I struggled to recover from injuries caused by a car accident.

“Sarah and I bonded over a book. It was a PD James book and I really wanted to read it. But I was shocked at the long waiting list. I was #1341 on the list! I showed up at the library every two or three weeks to ask a version of the same question:

“What’s my number now?”

“After a while, I didn’t have to ask any more. Sarah would see me arrive and hurry to her computer to start checking.

“We’d share a laugh and sometimes I’d pretend to be outraged that I was nowhere near getting that book.**

“When my book was published, my librarians were among the first people to receive their own signed copies.

I think they were both happy and proud – after all, they had seen me on days when I could barely use a computer.”

**And yes – I did also get the PD James book! It was “Death Comes to Pemberley”, a perfect blend of Jane Austen sensibilities and PD James’ wonderful murder mystery skills.

26 thoughts on “The Library: My Home Away from Home”

  1. Aww..such a sweet bit of your writing journey. Sometimes we cannot imagine how much things will change in a year from now on. By the way, congratulations for your book. You must be proud, and oh so deservedly!

  2. I love going to our local library too, especially with my kids. And we too have a lovely librarian. Such happy places:-)

  3. Libraries and the dedicated staff who mind them are institutions we must protect, cherish. One of the most precious landmarks/cultural beacons to visit wherever one travels.

  4. We should all support our libraries or we will lose them in this philistine age we live in. Here in our rural area we have a library van and we can order books . Not only that , but the librarian knows our tastes and brings books we might like. Not for much longer though. Books are the first things to go in an age of austerity.

  5. What an excellent project! Our poor libraries are underfunded and in constant danger of disappearing altogether. I loved reading your piece that has been included in the library’s feature.

    1. Thank you, dear Clare. Losing our libraries would be one of humanity’s great losses. More and more libraries around here have integrated their space and activities for greater community use, in order to survive.

      1. Yes, ours are doing this too – fewer books, more coffee machines! They struggle on without much support from the local authorities. Ed Sheeran the singer’s mum works at our local library and she designs and makes jewellery and displays it next to the counter. That seems to earn the library a little extra cash!

  6. Lovely to read about your library experience – blimey that was one popular book!! Did you ever get to borrow it?? You never say. And how great that your books are now in the library. A delightful uplifting post!😀

  7. I would like to say that I spent time in the library, but honestly, the stack on my night table looks somewhat like a Jinga-game waiting to topple over… which should I pull on this evening? Oscar

    1. Same thing here in this house. My guy had roughly 25 books on his side table and he seemed to be reading them all — a chapter of each one at a time. I can’t even keep one storyline straight in my head!

  8. There are so many ways to get/find books nowadays, but our local library is always one of the best – helpful and such knowledgeable librarians who really care about us, books and reading. Can’t beat it – I agree!

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