Stiletto Heels

Your smile for today….

Cynthia Reyes - Author

As we stepped out into the rain

I looked down at the ground again

And saw her thin stiletto heels

And thoughts went round my mind like wheels


“Spring rain!” I smiled, instead of what

My mind thought, which was: “Id-i-ot!

As she walked dainty by my side

And went on out to catch a ride


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She grumped and sighed and made a pout

At weather we’d been warned about

She looked down at her thin wee dress

About to turn a soggy mess


She looked down at her silly heels

That would have paid for many meals

And turned to me and fussed again

And said a rude thing ‘bout the rain

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Perhaps my thoughts would have been kind

If she’d been humbler in her mind

About the wind and rain we faced

Instead of acting so…

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9 responses to “Stiletto Heels

  1. tony wong

    better to look good, every time… bet she even looked good when she was dripping wet and shoes ruined, eh?

  2. Haha! That’s fabulous, Cynthia.
    It made me think of a woman in a different branch of the agency. (I’m sure she’s perfectly nice, but…) We are at a nearby campus, but not at the main area. So there’s a shuttle bus, and I’m always bothered about its awkward stairs. Since I’ve stumbled up those stairs a couple of times, my shoes are simple. Hers however… Towering stilettos with high platforms. I honestly don’t see how she manages. 😀

  3. Rhyming, humor, and humility. Well done Cynthia.

  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Made me smile! I never wear high heels and have no idea how ladies walk in them!

  5. Practicality… sometimes I wonder whether our neighbors even check the weather too… ☔️ – Oscar

  6. Such a great reminder to look inside first before “casting a stone”. Last week I had to be in the actual city and it was a rainy cold day and I actually felt pity for the women dressed so nice in heels and their hair done as they trudged down the windy streets to their offices. I’m thankful we are able to dress down at my office!!

  7. Well done, Cynthia! I’ve never had to worry about wearing stilettos, but do worry about wearing cat hair on dark clothing. With nine cats, it’s bound to happen. Sometimes people ask me if I have cats. 🙂

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