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The Verandah

Like verandahs? (Perhaps you call them front porches?)
As a former island girl, I love them.
See my story in Arabella’s Spring Issue. It’s accompanied by sumptuous art:

40 thoughts on “The Verandah”

  1. Delightful story and images Cynthia. Kudos on being published too. I love the word verandah. What a great place to visit, rest and heal, especially one as beautiful as yours. I never appreciated porches until I had one. Now I’m a believer. 🙂

  2. I love your story and will have my husband read it. I have seen your verandah on other posts and it looks so inviting. On our first date, which was a blind date, we both professed our love of porches. I guess it sealed the deal. We were able to build our own house and have 3 porches. A 52 foot front porch with rockers and swings, a back porch/patio where we eat and watch rabbits and a center porch that we call the verandah.

    1. Thank you, Betty. This magazine has kindly published my stories for some years now. The response from the editor and readers has been very encouraging, for which I’m very grateful.

  3. Our screened verandah has been dubbed ‘The Lanai’. We love Hawaii, what can I say? I really enjoyed the story and the wonderful, peace inducing artwork. I am guessing it is high porch season in Canada, so enjoy yours and rest on your laurels.

  4. What a delightful story! Loved reading the bit about Lady Anna. I can see where being on this beautiful verandah having tea with friends would heal the soul. Down here we mostly have patios out back! Nice to be published!

  5. You are just the most lovely person!
    I admire how you open your heart and let the love pour out to your readers. You brought me back to times of listening to the rain on a summer day. And I could almost smell the flowers. Thank you for the sharing.

  6. My Grandmother always called the big porch on her old farmhouse the “piazza.” I spent many evenings on it listening to the older folks reminisce. How I’d love to go back, just once.
    Nice story and beautifully illustrated!

  7. There is nothing quite like a verandah, which I think of as one of those big wrap-around porches. It sounds like yours gets good use and got good use when you were recovering. The art in that article!!! My, it is lovely, and just the sort of picture that sends me to a place on a warm shady porch. Thanks for showing us this!

  8. It has to be called a verandah! Here in the UK, a porch is often a small inner hall for one’s coats & shoes! Congratulations on your lovely atmosperhic​ article – as a fan of verandahs I was there with you!😀❤️

  9. Love the three syllables of verandah. It gives a feeling of lazy, hazy, daisy. A place for summer to warm our chilled bones, bodies and minds. Indeed, fabulous art!

  10. The Verandah is a wonderful story, Cynthia! I love your description of taking to the verandah as sending up a smoke signal far and wide to friends and relatives that you were ready to visit. What a warm and inviting image!

  11. Nice story in the magazine and I hope you get fully healed, physically and otherwise. I like verandas as they bring back fond memories of my family when I was young. We would sit in the veranda especially on weekends, watch people pass by and catch up on news, aka gossip :), from neighbors.

  12. Such a gentle story and very beautifully illustrated. I have never lived in a house with a verandah and have only ever seen them very rarely. They seem so exotic! Neither in the house nor out of it – a dreamy half-way place of peace and calm.

  13. Congratulations Cynthia, it’s a lovely, warm, insightful article and the illustrations are fabulous – I’d love to have an article illustrated by such beautiful pictures. I’d also love a verandah – I’ve often dreamed off a house with one, though we tend not to have them in the UK and my house doesn’t have the outside space to create one – I would if I could 🙂

  14. Cynthia, how wonderful you got such a nice spread in this magazine! Is there more than the one spread? I feel like your story is about to go on, but I could be wrong. Thanks for sharing, and of course, for that photo of your own verandah. Funny, I was just reading the 3rd installment of “The Ladies’ No. 1 Detective Agency” and saw verandah spelled that way. 🙂 Jeanne

    1. Hi dear Jeanne the editor in chief is who I mentioned earlier. She heard about my old stories that Hamlin found and asked to publish one in each issue so I’m a regular contributor

  15. Yes, we call them “porches” in the mountains… but “verandah” does have the island feel of your heritage. We too had a thunderstorm on the porch experience recently. We had been working in garden for the day and continued as the rain started. Thus, when we were too wet and the lightening too close to stay out, we sat, dripping in our rocking chairs on the porch was the storm blew around us. Not exactly a tea-party. ☔️ -Oscar

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