A Good Home, A Plausible Story, An Honest House by Cynthia Reyes, Votes for Best Story

Winner Announced!

The votes are in and there’s a winner!

But first I must say that you voters are a most unruly lot. You were asked to pick the best fictional story explaining my broken ankle. So what did many of you do?

Blog Photo - Cynthia cast being put on

You chose several. Yegads! In those cases, I chose the first one you mentioned.

Then some of you voted, but also gave your heart’s choice. What kind of voting is that, I ask you? (Hilarious, actually.)

So thanks for the laughs, and the votes. 

The runners-up are:

1:  #24-b by American Illustrator Jeanne Balsam who should be asked to illustrate the scenes she described. Her other blog is Still a Dreamer, btw.

2: #30 by Canadian Playwright Rex Deverell whose submission could indeed make a good play. 

3: #25 by MT McGuire. The votes were spread over her several submissions, so she gets honourable mention.

And the winner is:

The doctor called to tell me the pregnancy test was positive and I just passed clean out!By American Writer-Physician Victo Dolore, who got a whopping 7 votes. That’s impressive because there were 30 entries, and every one of them had their admirers. 

**Victo**, I will contact you directly for your mailing address and your choice of either A Good Home or An Honest House.

Thanks to everyone for entering and voting. You made me laugh: great medicine in a painful time.  

p.s. I got the news last week: NO surgery required. The bones are healing. Hooray!

45 thoughts on “Winner Announced!”

  1. Glad my fictional – or was it? – explanation of your fall tickled your readers’ fancy, and again, very happy to hear that no surgery is needed. Thanks for the shout out to my blogs, too. Hugs!! Jeanne

  2. Happy to hear that you are healing.

    Would love your thoughts on my new short called PHONESTRUCK, come on by and leave a comment and I’ll be m0re than happy to promote your blog thru mine. Hope to see you soon bone breaker

  3. OMG! OMG! OMG! *fans herself* I won? I really won? That is probably feels just as good as you felt when you found out you didn’t have to have surgery. Woohoo! 🙂

      1. Hey Brad: You may recall that humour is one of the key therapies that have helped me survive the tough times. Still does. I appreciate when people make fun of me too!

    1. Thanks, Clare. Victo is a truly gifted writer. I imagine she will win recognition for her writing in future years. But she was surprised that this little tale she submitted actually won a prize.

  4. Hurray for healing bones – and another for smiles and laughter. So glad you have one and had the other.

      1. Well enough, thank you, working in fits and starts. Something to do with summer tempting me to pause and look around.

  5. I haven’t been keeping up with anyone’s blog, but it seems that yours says that no surgery is needed on that leg! Hoorah! Guess you’ll soon be dancing again. xxx

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