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Good on you, Online Readers

I dislike online trolls — people who write nasty, toxic comments.   And when Britain’s tabloid newspapers publish stories about Prince Harry’s relationship with his bi-racial, American girlfriend Meghan Markle, the trolls emerge from their dark places in droves.

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But something surprising — and encouraging — happened this week. A majority of Daily Mail readers took on the trolls and told the DM it had gone too far this time.

EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle’s stony-faced mother is spotted trekking to the Super Suds with her laundry as Suits actress rounds off her romantic African getaway with Prince Harry

Doria Ragland was dressed down (as anyone doing their laundry would), and we could clearly see the comforters, etc. she brought.  To some readers, this just proved that Meghan Markle was too low-class for Harry. The comment immediately below is actually mild, by comparison:

MyOpinionOnly, London, United Kingdom

The establishment surely cannot agree to Harry marrying her !

But this time – thank goodness — most readers were outraged at the newspaper and the trolls. Here are a few of the many reactions before the story was abruptly deleted:

Lily, York, United Kingdom

Why has this been published? This is a gross intrusion into someone’s private life. DM should be investigated and brought to account for this. It is clearly intended to attract abusive comments. DM should be reported to IPSO and should face legal action.

Summer07, Oakville, Canada

Agreed this is a despicable intrusion into this woman’s life and a terrible attempt at shaming and bullying a human being for living a normal life.

BatGirl, Bat Cave, United Kingdom

Maybe her own washing machine didn’t fit large amounts of bedding, perfectly understandable. What’s the big deal? That doesn’t make Meghan a bad daughter or this poor, harassed lady, a poor mum. We know what you’re trying to do here DM and this article only goes to show you up for the bullies you are.

DontKnowenough, Essex, United Kingdom

I don’t want to see Meghan’s mother put through hell if Meghan and Harry decide to team up for life — and don’t do it in my name. Well done, Meghan’s mum, clearly a worker – something to be proud of.

Mally, Kingston, Canada

I suppose you’ll do anything for a paycheque…. gutter press!

Frankieessex, Essex, United Kingdom

I really don’t get all the hate against Meghan and her relatives. So her mother goes to the laundrette! How is that a crime or even news? So Prince Harry is dating outside his race. So?? Love knows no boundaries- genuine love that is. I for one am pleased that Harry has chosen to follow his heart. All you haters must not ever have experienced true love to be so focussed on her race/class/colour instead of being happy for two young people apparently in love. Whatever happened to live and let live?

Rubyjas, Bridlington East Yorkshire

OMG, woman who is not related by marriage (or anything else) to the Royal family takes own clothes to the laundry…….. I am speechless.

Pn, Melbourne

Leave the woman alone.

Kati 1, London, United Kingdom

So what? Kate’s mother grew up in a council flat. We seem to have very short memories in this country. Leave this poor woman alone. At least we know Meghan will keep Harry’s sheets clean!!!

M. Erlin, Dorset coast, United Kingdom

Seems to me like this woman could teach our privileged monarchy at thing or two….. GOOD ON HER!!

NJZLeigh, London, United Kingdom

Could be that she is doing voluntary work. If it is her own stuff might be that her washing machine cannot take such big loads of bedding. Why is it degrading to do your washing at a laundromat? Good on her she appears to be a hard working normal person that goes about her life in a normal way. Harry has found a great gal, beautiful, intelligent who obviously makes him very happy who just happens to have a normal mother!

Hunterman212, London, United Kingdom

How degrading of the DM to publicise this! Her washing machine may have broken down or she might be washing her duvets in the large capacity machines. So cruel to shame her in this way!


Well, it appears that the responsible voices won this time. The story has been deleted: I couldn’t find any record of this story on the DM website one day later, though it’s been picked up by several other outlets elsewhere.

36 thoughts on “Good on you, Online Readers”

    1. Well said, Karen. So many times, readers do not speak up against this cruelty on the part of the newspapers and other readers. Meghan Markle’s mom is a hardworking woman who went back to university for her master’s degree and has kept a very dignified silence throughout the hysterics of the British papers in the last year. I’m glad readers defended her.

  1. It is so sad to see articles like the DM one, especially in light of what is currently going on over here in the States. I am glad most of the DM readers fought back, and the article has been removed.

      1. It is very discouraging to see all the negativity surfacing these days in various forms. It only feeds the trolls.

        I came across this publication, Sonoma County’s Upbeat Times, “where no bad news is good news”, some years back. It features good news only. If only there were more of these!

  2. It’s always rewarding to see everyday people like us standup for everyday people like Meghan Markham’s mom. Is there really so little that’s actually newsworthy to write about that the DM must stoop to this? Shame on them and all the tabloids that print these things, and hooray for the people who stood up and responded to it.

  3. What a shocking ‘news’ story!!!

    How could anyone in their right mind think this was in any way ‘news’. The ignorance and lack of humanity is beyond belief.

  4. The hateful comments that accompany some online articles is so disturbing, it’s hard for me to imagine anyone feeling that way. People are certainly more bold with their words when hiding behind a computer screen. I’m happy to know that article was removed.

  5. Thank goodness the DM was forced to remove the article by the power of good public comment. I do wonder though, after listening to Prince Harry and Prince William speaking about the media and their mother, if Prince Harry and the Palace have told the DM it has overstepped the mark. The princes are determined that they and their loved ones will never have to live through what their mother did.

  6. Yes, leave that woman alone. Must have been a slow news cycle for a paper to post a piece about someone bringing her comforters to the laundry-mat. What’s next? Following her as she does her groceries? Son of a biscuit!

  7. It’s shameful that people can even think to do such an act. There are new laws coming out soon that see cyber crime equal to an actual crime against someone in person.

  8. The phrase “gutter press” made me giggle—so true. 🙂 May God continue to bless our Queen and all of her family, extended family, and friends. ❤ And may the gutter presses be cleaned out so refreshing news can flow through them instead of gossip.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  9. Hi Cynthia, It’s great to see that there are people out there who are as outraged as I am about the DMs approach to Harry & Meghans love story. I think this mornings articles comparing Meghan’s grandmothers life to the queen and the article about her dad were the worst I’ve ever seen . I was actually in a lot pain while reading. I’m happy to see that these articles have been withdrawn.

    1. There have actually been worse, Anon, but I suspect they try hard to lower the bar each time. Ugh. The headlines and stories seem designed to evoke the outright racism, sexism, xenophobia and classism of their readers. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  10. Media is the worse source of information, they are the ones who add fuel to the fire. It is great the way Doria kept herself without responding to all the critics. She has kept quiet all along the way and that has shamed all the media outlets and those racists facists who thought they were gonna crumble down that relationship. There are some people on this planet who still think the world is white. I am glad that whoever made this world, they made it colourful and the white fascists should understand that. I only wish Harry and Meghan happiness always.

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