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The Ungodly Godmother

Maybe — now that I’m going to become a children’s book author — my blog should become more respectable?  I hope not. But just in case, I’m sharing this post before Myrtle is published!


The “Ungodly Godmother” of one of our children drove hours on her first day off work to visit me after my recent mishap.

Time spent with her is a gift. She’s caring, smart, and makes us laugh. Updates about her life, her town, mutual friends — are all told in witty, ironic and ‘salty’ language.

It’s partly why our children have always loved her. The laughter. And because she was that rare adult who didn’t clean up her language when they entered a room. Thus the name she gave herself: “The Ungodly Godmother”.

Blog Photo - Cast with messages by Hamlin Grange

Before she left our home this time, she autographed my cast.

Not that I could see it clearly.  Too far down the cast, near my heel.


We hadn’t been to church since I fell and injured myself.  I’ve missed the quiet Sunday morning rituals, the readings from the old Book of Common Prayer, in our tiny historic chapel.

Blog Photo - St Thomas Church Altar

So my husband and I were grateful when the priest called, offering to bring us communion.  

Father Tim spread a handkerchief-size white tablecloth on our coffee table, then placed two tiny gold jars on it, his prayer book to one side. He read a prayer for the sick, and Hamlin and I followed along as he read. He opened one gold jar and gave us the wafer (the bread), then opened the other and anointed our foreheads with consecrated oil.

The sacred ceremony complete, we got to talking about light and pleasant topics. You know:  politics, journalism, original sin.

Before he left, I asked him to sign my cast.


“There’s room next to Liona’s.” My husband pointed to the space next to Liona Boyd’s signature and drawing of her guitar. 

Blog photo - Cast with Liona Guitar

She’s a famous classical guitarist and Father Tim, a fan of her music, happily placed his signature near hers, complete with the sign of the cross.

Blog Photo - Cast message from Fr. Tim

Days later, I saw my husband’s photos of the cast and made a surprising discovery.

To the right of Father Tim’s signature was Liona’s — yes. But to the near-left was the message from our dear friend, The Ungodly Godmother.

Blog Photo - Cast message from the UG

It said, simply: “Get this effing thing off!”

“Do you think he noticed?” I anxiously asked my husband.

“Don’t worry”, he said. “He’s a priest. He’s seen a lot worse.”

The Ungodly Godmother had struck again.






48 thoughts on “The Ungodly Godmother”

  1. Wonderful “cast” of characters. Once again, you’ve shown us your humble and humorous side. Thanks for another laugh Cynthia. Personally, I’d love to meet your ungodly godmother. 🙂

    1. I am ‘carrying on’ (as my mother would say), aren’t I? Ya gotta find the humour in all this, right? glad your area is safe from the hurricane and hoping it stays that way, Amy.

  2. Greetings again dear Cynthia. Two wonderful blogs in a row. I also love your ungodly godmother & love the story of your missing crutch! Hope to see you & Hamlin again one day. How about a book of short stories after “Myrtle the Turtle”. You would be wonderful at that as you generally are in all things. I love reading your blogs, thank you so much!

    1. Hi Tina: thank you! Our regular priest would likely have had a hoot if she saw it — but this was our summer replacement priest, and I was trying to be on my best behaviour!

  3. Good to have contrasting and complementing relationships in life.
    – Oscar (God Father Emeritus to my wife’s Godson, as the actual Godfather faded away some years ago and her Godson said I knew more about religion, philosophy and life than anyone else he knew… I take my job seriously in a snarky way).

  4. Not only was Father Tim not offended, I suspect, but it probably gave him a chuckle. Hey, he’s people, too! Glad you had such uplifting and good-humored people – in whatever order. 🙂 – in each of them to visit and keep you company.

      1. Thanks, MT. I’ve also read your tribute to Kate twice and my heart gets too full each time, so I will read it again and reply. Meantime, my friend, thank you so very much for writing such a beautiful post about our friend Kate. I still don’t seem able to believe it.

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