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Cover Reveal!

Heeere’s Myrtle!

Sharing the cover with you. I hope you like it.

Myrtle the Purple Turtle will be released in October.

Big thanks to illustrator-designer Jo Robinson.

Myrtle Book Cover


107 thoughts on “Cover Reveal!”

    1. I thought so too, Jeanne. Jo brought our family’s ‘dream Myrtle’ to life. As you’ll see in my post next week, it’s why I had to make sure my family liked Jo’s rendition of her. And they loved it! (Whew!)

    1. Thanks. I had an idea of what she looked like when I first wrote the story but it took 27 years to actually see a painting of her. It occurs to me that you, with your wonderful talents as an illustrator and writer, can paint the picture right away.

      1. Thank you for that, but I find coming up with a character idea very painstaking and difficult. Like drilling through rock. The fun part for me is after it’s gone through its initial development. It sounds like your illustrator really captured what you were looking for.

  1. Je découvre ce blog et cette Tortue violette et je tombe sous le charme.
    Je décide de m’abonner et de rebloguer pour la faire connaître à un plus large public, elle le mérite!
    Pour la petite histoire, j’habite à Toulouse en France et Toulouse est appelée la ville rose pour la couleur de ses façades de brique, et aussi la cité des violettes où ces si jolies fleurs poussent en abondance.

      1. You, too, Cynthia! The story makes me wish I still had little ones or that I had some grandchildren to read it to! (I have one grandchild and she’s in her 20’s. I kept praying and wishing for more but it looks like there won’t be.)

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