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A Book Review: Myrtle the Purple Turtle

Thank you, Annika, for this generous review!

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‘Myrtle the Purple Turtle’ is one of the most striking, original children’s books released in recent years.

I was immediately drawn in by the welcoming cover of Myrtle proudly striding along and quickly became engaged with this wonderful character.

As a purple turtle, Myrtle has never considered herself any different from the other turtles and is happy and confident in her life. Until one day a rude turtle laughs and taunts her for even daring to consider herself a turtle.

What follows next is a touching and tender story to which we can all relate when faced with inconsiderate hurtful comments. As Myrtle sets out on a journey of self-discovery and understanding…with some help from her mother and friends along the way, she learns to accept herself and others.

I quickly lost myself within Myrtle’s world and empathised with her hurt and confusion … cheering her on as this feisty…

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37 thoughts on “A Book Review: Myrtle the Purple Turtle”

  1. Cynthia, you’re very welcome and a joy to review! 😀 I was actually dreaming of your Myrtle book last night – just shows the power of your story and the beautiful illustrations!

  2. I have to find your new book!!! I have a 4 yr old grandson that would love this story. Cynthia, you are such a creatively-blessed soul. Congrats on the great review…Iam off to find the purple turtle!!! Did I mention purple is my favorite color these days and on my long bike rides along hte river this fall I hvae been stopping to watch all the turtles sleeping on the rocks at the shore line….right up my alley these days!

    1. Robbie: You made me smile. I love your comment – thank you. I hope you’ll take a picture of those turtles sleeping on the rocks. I’m also glad you love purple. So do I! Here’s my confession: I kept a purple suit all these years, hoping the style will come back into colour. Last summer, I said: “style or no style, I’m wearing this suit”. But then I broke my ankle and was housebound. So, next summer I’m wearing that suit! Amazon link for Myrtle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0620773421

  3. I found your book on Amazon and purchased it to read to my grandson. We have been talking about bullies etc. He will start kindergarten next year + I have a 5 yr old grandson in Sweden that would love this story too. So glad I stopped by today:-)

  4. Hi. Reading about your book in Andrea’s post inspired me to write a
    my own post about my granddaughter’s mini-pond and the creative imagination that it has produced. Thank you for ‘Myrtle’. Long may she inspire others !

      1. I hope you find peace during your labyrinth walk. I also hope your broken leg is continuing to heal well.
        Argh! No – I’m not ready for Advent! I am all behind this year and need an extra couple of months to catch up!

      2. You will catch up. I have my Advent calendar and I have to figure out what to put in those tiny ‘pockets’. I have to wait till the morning to see if I can handle the walk in the labyrinth. If I do, I’ll tell you. It’s weird having both legs feeling fragile right now, but I have to carefully push myself.

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