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Autumn Blessings

Photos by Hamlin Grange


“In the midst of it all, however, we keep giving thanks. I keep reminding myself that there is no perfect moment in life when all our problems are solved forever. So, let us seek out our blessings wherever they are, whenever they come, and be grateful for them.” (Cynthia, in a note to a friend.)

Autumn is bittersweet.

Blog Photo - Autumn road ahead

It’s the most gorgeous season of my year — its colours so brilliant, they glow. 

Blog Photo - Autumn Tree and Fence

But Autumn also brings a warning.  Of the freezing cold of December, January, February and March. 

My meditation coach would remind me to live “in the moment”.  St. Paul’s writings declare that worry solves nothing; the key is to find contentment in your present situation. 

Blog Photo - Autumn Jacko


Will I ever get used to Autumn, in all its fleeting beauty? Or is its brevity key to its glory?

Decades of witnessing Autumn and I am still in awe of it. Every year.  

Blog Photo - Autumn Leaves CU

It is, I know, a gradual arrival; colours brighten and deepen on apples, wild berries, shrubs, trees and vines.

Blog - Ripening apples in tree

And yet, there is always a day in October when it catches me by surprise. Every year.  

Blog Photo - autumn - trees on N Road

Suddenly it’s Autumn, arrived fully dressed. 

I catch myself holding my breath…. because there are still sights like this, moments like this, that take one’s breath away.

How can it possibly be this beautiful? I wonder.  That same question, every year.

I wish it could last a bit longer. The resplendence of it, the blazing glory of it, the time before strong winds and heavy rains strip the leaves from trees and leave them naked.

Blog Photo - Autumn Trees 1

I wonder: without the leaves that clothe them, do trees shiver in the cold? Do they regret the passing of their most beautiful season? Or do they give thanks for the respite of winter? For the leaves that, having fallen, will now plenish the soil around their roots? 

Blog Photo - Autumn trees 3

But there I go again. 

So I return to the now. The wonder and splendour of now.

Blog Photo - Autumn Vines Wall Wide-shot

I give thanks for the gifts of this particular autumn. The passing parade of colours outside,  the constant love of my family inside.

The steadying hand of my husband; the care and kindness of my daughters, sons-in-law, and siblings during challenging times. These are love’s own true colours.

Blog Photo - Autumn and sign on door


This Autumn, there’s also Myrtle the Purple Turtle, published 28 years after it was written as a bedtime story. Our family feels doubly blessed that Myrtle is touching other lives. 

Life goes through its seasons, yes. Some days are a trial, yes.  But:

Let us seek out our blessings wherever they are, whenever they come, and be grateful for them.

Blog Photo - Autumn Trees 2


Dedicated to my family.





85 thoughts on “Autumn Blessings”

    1. Thank you, Derrick. And thanks for asking about my leg. I’m still shuffling along, but thank goodness my broken “good leg” is healing. I’ve accepted that the right leg – the one originally injured– may never improve. I think it would have already. I’m learning to accept the challenges along with the blessings in my life and not make a fuss, but I occasionally utter a swear word when the pain gets too bad (smile). I did as recently as last evening!!!

    1. Thank you, Susan. As a writer, you’ll recognize this: you write a thing slowly, bit by bit, till you are happy with it, realizing that the pictures will tell the story as well or better than the words, and then you finally decide it’s time to share it now. (smile)

  1. Beautiful in every way. When I lived up north, I looked forward to the coming of each season. I found it exciting , but maybe that was youth. It took me many years to appreciate the subtle changes of the season here. We are hitting a record high of 90 this weekend, but some leaves are falling! PS I love to see snow photos, no one seems to post them.

    1. OK, alright, I will post snow pictures when the white stuff arrives. Meanwhile, it snowed in the warm areas of Vancouver and Seattle this week. I can appreciate your comment about the subtler changes of season. In Jamaica, I only remember mango season, start apple season, and other seasons related to fruit!

      1. That is funny about Jamaica. I could never figure out vegetable growing here. Up north a frost comes and you know you are done. I just started my lettuces. I had to wait until it was cold enough, as in below 80 degrees at night. Looking forward to snow photos!

      1. Oh yes, they do! It is beautiful- just last year the display was stunning, this year it has been over a longer period of time so no sudden burst of autumn golds, reds, glowing oranges.

  2. Wow Cynthia, it’s as if you put into words what I feel every Autumn. I love summer. Each year, I’m sad when it ends. But just like you, each year, I am surprised by the colors of Autumn. And my camera goes click click click. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and the beautiful pictures. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful and content with what i have which it’s a lot.

    1. And thank you for this lovely response, Brad! I was at the Festival of the arts and then several appointments today, so I am just catching up with my favourite blogs. Catch you later!

  3. That is a very beautiful passage from your note to a friend! And such lovely photographs of autumn’s finery. Thank you, Cynthia, Hamlin and family!

    Autumn may be bittersweet followed by winter’s dark and cold, but if it were not so, how could we ever really appreciate May?

  4. Like you I am caught anew in wonder every year at the arrival of Spring – for that is my present season and the one that takes my breath away year after year. Autumn is less dramatic here in the land of evergreen trees – the changes are there, but very subtle. Green is interspersed with dots – or sometimes avenues – of exotics imported from other lands, that share their fiery autumnal glory. Though there is much to be enjoyed in every season I think. Lovely words urging us to count our blessings wherever we are – for there they are, just waiting within, waiting to be released, waiting to be acknowledged, waiting to be enjoyed, any day, every day.

    1. Oh, so vividly described, my friend: “Green is interspersed with dots — or sometimes avenues — of exotics… that share their fiery autumnal glory.” Yes, there is much to be enjoyed in every season.

      1. You’re welcome Cynthia, and thank you.
        I used to sell photos and found that it was really a lot of work so no, I don’t do more with them than show them on the blog.
        I have sold quite a few right off the blog though, which is always a surprise.

  5. We had a sputtering of Autumn with lots of green filtering out the touches of red to yellow. Then a week ago Tuesday, the whole forest turned for a colorful splash before winter. Our blessing was that we harvested tomatoes up to the first day of November this year! Time to enjoy the preserved harvest for the next six months. – Oscar

    1. Oh, that sounds glorious, Oscar. Glad you had tomatoes so late in the year. We harvested and roasted our tomatoes earlier, but the red peppers were roasted and preserved just a few weeks ago.

  6. Yes, it is good to live in the moment and appreciate the loveliness of autumn but you wouldn’t be the Cynthia we all love if you didn’t wonder if the trees shivered in the cold or were thankful for a rest!
    I did love reading this beautiful paean to autumn and your wonderful descriptions of the beauty you see around you. Hamlin has captured it all with his excellent photos!

  7. Such beautiful photos and thoughts, Cynthia. Autumn is a time of gathering in and of absorbing the last of the warmth and colour. I am glad you are making the most of it.

  8. simply magnifique, Ma’am! ❤ I've loved Fall since my childhood…
    * * *
    "The golden days!
    Warm with sunshine and dreamy with haze;
    and cool with the breeze!
    Like troops of tropical butterflies,
    Clouds of leaves from the gorgeous trees
    Flutter and fall,
    And cover the earth with splendid dyes
    Matching the marvels of sunset skies."(Harriet McEwen Kimball)

  9. Wow–what a great post! The words and the photos, both so beautiful. I love autumn best and feel like I sort of missed it this year, distracted by daily concerns. Your post gave some of the glory back to me!

    1. I hear you, sister. I’ve had those times too, where outside has been gorgeous and I’ve been stuck inside and missed it! Glad the post gave you back some of the glory of autumn.

  10. Beautiful photos, Cynthia. And beautiful meditation as well. In the past few years I have come to think of winter as a time of rest. The earth has a good sleep in preparation for the next spring. But fall is indeed glorious in all its beauty and savoring it is a pleasure every year!

    1. and you’re so right. The earth really does need that good sleep. (But why do we humans not get to hibernate too during winter? I could use a good long doze sometimes….)

    1. Hey girlfriend: Hamlin is just trying to keep up with your absolutely gorgeous pictures of scenes of your garden. Did Bill come and make some preserves this year for the winter? I forget.

  11. Beautiful in more ways than one! We don’t have that kind of beautiful autumn here but I can see why you hate to see it go. This is a loving tribute to your family. I love the last lines and will keep them in my heart this week as I need to be thankful for what I have. Life will never be perfect but we can be grateful.

  12. Good for you, Cynthia, to have such an approach. I wish I could have this attitude towards injuries. I have a lot of insight in medical matters, education in pharmacology and practical medicine, and I think that simply Canadian health care is in a bad shape. Maybe your bad leg could improve, too. I’m saying this because I have spent 4 years struggling with complications which shouldn’t be an issue at all assuming that the treatment wasn’t only a very slow and ineffective observation. There is a cure for almost everything. I am desperate to treat this condition, too, because medications are the other downside of long treatments. Well, there is a cure, and it unfortunately costs a lot of money. I haven’t lost hope to collect that amount and become a normal person again. So far, it’s not going anywhere, but I still hope.
    Fall is a time to reflect on the busy summer and to harvest what you have planted. Your harvest is great considering the success of Myrtle the purple turtle. Great pictures, as well.

  13. Such a beautiful autumn blessing, dear Cynthia. May the snow in Ontario politely wait for all the leaves to fall first before making its grand entrance. 🙂
    Blessings from snowy Vancouver Island ~ Wendy

    1. I know I should feel a bit sympathetic to my B.C. friends, Wendy, but I smile every time you or my daughter on the west coast posts a picture of snow. It’s just so entirely unexpected.

  14. Beautiful thoughts and pictures, Cynthia, thanks for sharing them. Life is about letting go, isn’t it. But also and so importantly about embracing the moment and making the most of it. Carpe diem is my motto and although I’m not always successfull, I do my best. I also think we’re blessed in many ways. Not in a religious sense but through being who we are and where we are. Having said that I wouldn’t mind having escaped the digital age…but then I wouldn’t have met you 🙂 best wishes to both of you PS: Don’t worry, the trees don’t feel the cold! One thing less to worry about 😉

  15. Ohhh, yes, I relate to this. I try to not cringe with the idea of winter around the corner. Autumn is so spectacular; I feel like I’m walking through a tunnel of orange every morning. But last night it hit below 30, and my beautiful (still thriving) flowers died. Winter won’t stop, but then, we have the wonder of falling snow! 🙂 Your photos are terrific.

  16. I’m with you, Cynthia. Your thoughtful musings about autumn and the trees, and your endless admiration of their beauty. Hamlin takes some extraordinary photos. That textural one of the leaves shaded from pale green to lavender to purple – spectacular. Yes, let’s take our blessings when they come and be grateful, even while our challenges are all about us.

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