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A Trio of Thanks!

Thank you:

To sweet Lukas and his parents for this photo.

Isn’t that a great reaction to Myrtle?

Blog Photo - Lukas reacts to Myrtle

To blogger Solo Mom Takes Flight (Sarah Pittard) for this lovely photo of her daughter, the kind review, and her mention of my wonderful older daughter   here.

Blog Photo - Daughter of Sarah P with Myrtle

And to Chip Barkel, writer and realtor, for including Myrtle in his blog post about the colour of the year. Though it’s my first time seeing purple coconut macaroons, what a delightful idea!

Blog Photo - Purple coconut macaroons

Thank you all.


16 thoughts on “A Trio of Thanks!”

  1. Congratulations, Cynthia! The simple yet powerful message of peace and goodwill continues to spread through your book. Myrtle has found wings; may she continue to soar! Perhaps all these young readers will help bring peace to our world when they become of age to lead. I hope to live long enough to see peace, goodwill and civility become the new normal behavior.

  2. How wonderful for us to be able to share the reactions of your young readers to your new book!
    One of the incredible things about you Cynthia is that you keep on moving forward in a such a creative and positive way. Life may throw up obstacles but your determination makes sure that you are so busy looking to your next goal that you do not get set back by looking back.
    Congratulations Cynthia 👏❤️️💝

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