A Good Home, Easter

Happy Easter, Happy Spring

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Sharing my favourite Easter posts: they’ll make you smile!



My best to everyone!

Photo by Hamlin Grange

43 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Happy Spring”

      1. Two Types of People. I have been working on my family history and haven’t really come across any “change leaders”. I also haven’t found any evidence of bad behavior. Just people who go to work and raise their families. Many of my ancestors came here for religious freedom and to live a quiet, conflict free life. Your description of people “quietly holding the world together” really describes my people.

  1. These are beautiful Easter posts, Cynthia. Thank you for sharing those views into your life, and childhood in Jamaica. May you and your family have a wonderful Easter! And perhaps a fairy or two to help with the flowers. Flowers brought by fairies! Now I know how they get here! That made me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family, and hope your spring is full of beautiful blossoms!

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      1. How wonderful! We had a very nice weekend thank-you. I took Mum to her church and though the service was good, Mum’s priest doesn’t ‘do’ joyful. It was a rather solemn occasion. A lost opportunity I think!

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