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When an Author Has a New Book

In Canada, autumn is when a lot of new books are released.

But completing a book, and publishing it, can take an author years. It’s a huge achievement.

Blog Photo - Lee Gowan Book cover

Blog Photo - Yvonne Blackwood book cover

So you can imagine that when a writer releases a new book, messages of support and encouragement matter – a lot.

“Congrats! How may I find out more about it?”

“Wow! I’m happy for you!”

“Where can I buy it?”

“What can I do to help you spread the word?”

“I’ll recommend it to my local library.”

Blog Photo - Laurie's book covers

It’s the way to an author’s heart.

Writing is a lonely act. And when it’s done, you hope the book is great, but you secretly fear others will think it’s awful.  So when others deem my book worthy of buying?  Wow.  I’m honoured.

Book Cover - An Honest House


By the way:  If you’ve bought and read someone’s book (and especially if you liked it), a short review on Amazon — or a blog, or social media — helps. 

Blog Photo - Robbie Cheadle new book

Blog Photo - Bette Stevens Book Cover

Explain why you like the book and why you are recommending it to others.  And if there’s something you didn’t like, say so as well. That’s really all you have to do!


There are some responses that will disappoint an author with a brand-new book:

1: “You know, I’ve always wanted to write a book on that same topic. Maybe I still should.”

2: Start talking about the book you’ve already written that’s so similar, then ask: “Can you help me get my book published?” 

3: “I wrote a book just like that and I didn’t sell many copies. But I wish you luck.”

It’s not that you shouldn’t say any of the above. (Most authors are happy to help others.) But not as a first response. Take the time to acknowledge their achievement first.


Please join me in congratulating three more authors who have written new books in recent months:

Jill Weatherholt, author of Second Chance Romance, has published “A Father for Bella”. Jill describes her books as “stories of love, faith and happy endings”.

Blog Photo - Jill Weatherholt Second Chance Romance - CoverBlog Photo - Jill Weatherholt A-Father-For-Bella - Cover

Annika Perry has published The Storyteller Speaks, a compelling mix of short stories, poetry and flash fiction. Annika says the one common thread that binds them all is“the belief that there is no such thing as an ordinary life; they’re all extraordinary.

Blog Photo - Annika Perry The Storyteller Speaks - Cover

And, coming soon from Toronto author Nadia Hohn, is Harriet Tubman: Freedom Fighter.  Written for young readers, this illustrated book follows the much-praised Malaika stories.

Blog Photo - Nadia Hohn Harriet Tubman book cover

Congrats, authors! I’m happy for you!


23 thoughts on “When an Author Has a New Book”

  1. A-w-w-w, thanks, Cynthia! Yes, so very generous. I have made it my mission to feature on my blog books written by my blogging friends. And to buy their books, too. It’s a creative circle that enriches both the reader and the writer, and we can’t have too much of that. May I repost this piece?

  2. Congratulations to Cynthia and all on your achievements! And thank you, Cynthia, for always being so supportive of others in your posts. I agree with Laurie that it is “a creative circle that enriches both the reader and the writer, and we can’t have too much of that.”

  3. You are ever generous and supportive, Cynthia. Good luck and best wishes to all the authors you have mentioned in this post and to anyone else in the process of writing and publishing a book.

  4. Cynthia, how true that the support and encouragement after completing a book means so much … I was overwhelmed with all the positive feedback, support, reviews in the first few months and touched how it has never faded … your inclusion of my book here is testament to just that. Thank you so much for the mention and lovely to read about the others, so many of which I’ve read or about to! All terrific writers! Hugs xx❤️

  5. A lovely generous post. What would I do without authors? can’t imagine the drought without books in my life. Great tips too.

  6. oh what a wonderful post! Such a nice thing to do Cynthia! Yes, publishing a book is incredibly hard and all the gestures of support are craved and deeply appreciated!

  7. Some good advice, Cynthia. One would like to think it wasn’t needed, but people don’t always see/understand the impact of what they write and/or say. I love Annika’s quote – “the belief that there is no such thing as an ordinary life; they’re all extraordinary.”

    1. … (brain cramps/ weather getting cold), Cynthia. I love Myrtle the Purple Turtle and look forward to reading your other books as well. Thanks so much for all you do to support your author friends. Have an awesome autumn week! ❤ xo

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