A Good Home, Trees in autumn

Golden Woods

Early in October, I wished aloud for the leaves to stay on the trees ‘for a couple weeks longer this autumn’, and this morning I realized my wish. 

Blog Photo - autumn woods view from window

It’s a grey day but you wouldn’t know it. Not when the trees themselves seem to glow with their own sunshine. 

No matter which window we look through, the woods are golden.

Blog Photo - autumn woods trees in the valley

Blog Photo - autumn woods treetops

Blog Photo - autumn woods with wall 3

Reader beware: Hamlin Grange didn’t take any of these photos, so they are below his standards — sorry!

As Hamlin often asks,“What is the focal point of these photos, Cynthia?” And as I always reply, “Focal point? What’s that?

Blog Photo - autumn woods shrubs and trees

I have to remind him that there’s a reason I failed photography in journalism school. But never mind the photography or lack thereof. Aren’t these trees a sight for sore eyes?

Blog Photo - autumn woods tree

Blog Photo - autumn woods birch leaves outside, orchid on windowsill

Yes, those are orchids inside on the window sill. It never occurred to me to move them out of the way!

With apologies to Hamlin.

59 thoughts on “Golden Woods”

  1. Golden goodness every which way! And for those of us refusing bi-focals and trying to get by with 3 different pairs of glasses, focal points can be many, varied, and, sometimes, completely lost in the mist. 🙂

    1. Thanks. People often describe our maple trees as being gold or red and even orange, but this October I noticed that a salmon shade or apricot is there too. Sorry you only have brown, but you have great weather!

  2. Beautiful photos! My favourite season too. Focal point? Hmmm. I think I am the only photographer that makes the leaning Tower of Pisa looks perfectly straight.

      1. We don’t have many mature trees in our garden and those that are can’t be seen easily from the house. We do usually get golds, yellows and oranges in our leaf colour but this year hasn’t been so good – mainly brown.

  3. We’ve had a lot of rain this fall and I’ve been noticing how gorgeous the trees are, even on those rainy days–it’s like they give us tree-made sunshine. And yet when I did my autumn photos post, I only showed sunny days. I’m glad you made this point about the beauty of fall in all weather!

  4. You did a wonderful job of capturing the fall beauty around your home. Fall is always a peaceful, reflective time to me and I do believe it’s because I am connected to the earth and all the beauty fall offers without having to “work” for it like we do in the summer.

  5. Some photos are meant to be art, some to be reminders of the beauty we once enjoyed. Nice touch adding the orchids in the foreground. ;)) It’s warmer than usual this autumn. Our leaves are not turning either.

  6. I think, when we share photographs on our blogs, that they are not necessarily meant to be art … but shares. If they’re fabulous photos, too, so much the better – a bonus!! The gold colors are lovely.

  7. Those are beautiful autumn photos, Cynthia. What a gorgeous view from your home! Trees do seem to shine with an inner light in autumn, especially the eastern larch, Larix laricina. They glow like candles in the early evening light.

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