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Check out Jeanne Balsam’s Creations

Jeanne Balsam is an illustrator, writer and one of my favourite bloggers.  Now she’s launched a new line of Christmas and holiday cards, and a special journal she’s created.

If you’re looking for interesting Christmas and holiday cards or a gift, may I suggest you check out her site on Etsy?

Blog Photo - Jeanne Balsam Frenchie image1

Jeanne’s love of drawing goes back to early childhood.

“I’ve been drawing pictures all my life from when I was a small child. I started focusing on children’s book writing and illustrating shortly after I graduated from art school, and I’ve worked on and off doing a variety of illustration over the years, including pet portraiture for a while.”

Blog Photo - Jeanne Balsam Frenchie 3

She created French Bulldog illustrations for the quarterly magazine, Just Frenchies, for many years, and fell in love with the breed. She would like to have a Frenchie pet of her own, when “the circumstances are right”.

Blog Photo - Jeanne Blasam Frenchie 3

Her shop on Etsy is brand-new and Jeanne is delighted that it’s taking off so quickly.

She’s also working on other projects:

“I have written a lovely piece that I will illustrate with Frenchies and make giclée prints. I can’t imagine I’ll have time to do this before the holidays, though. I am currently working on the graphic design of a picture book for a lovely client along with numerous other graphics projects. And I still have my eye on being a published picture book author and illustrator, too.”

Blog Photo - Jeanne Balsam Frenchie 2

Through her blog, I’ve watched Jeanne grow in her field in recent years. I’m impressed with her achievements and look forward to her continued success. Please check out her work:



33 thoughts on “Check out Jeanne Balsam’s Creations”

  1. How nice! Her pictures are whimsical and fun – they make me smile. Thank you for sharing her work with us.

  2. Thanks Cynthia to let us know this talented artist.
    Her drawings of French bulldogs are expressive and with a great precision . What is strange for me is I believed the bulldog was an English breed .The bulldog is indeed a symbol of England : tenacious. Its nostrils are located behind and this allows to the bulldog to continue to bite and reamain stuck to the bull wuthout loss of breath
    Love ❤

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