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Spring Has Sprung….

Blog Photo - Iris and Trillium

“Spring has sprung, the grass is ris

I wonder where the birdies is!”

They is all in my garden.  Or on window sills, cooing softly each morning.

Blog Photo - Dove looks back

Gathering twigs to build nests, lying on eggs inside their houses, chasing off squirrels and other pests from their nests.

Blog Photo - Tulips Pink2

Along with flowering bulbs of various colours — some truant, some close together.

Blog Photo - Tulip stray in Garden bed

The rain has kept everything blooming longer this spring.

Blog Photo - Tulip red and yellow CU

Blog Photo - Trillium CU

Blog Photo - Trillum Group

And speaking of rain:

Blog Photo - Stream between trees

There is a river in the valley just below our garden. It was a stream, but since early May, it’s looked like this. 

Blog Photo - Stream in May 2

That’s how much rain we’ve had! It’s feeling like Ireland around here in Southern Ontario.

I won’t mention the mosquitoes, though. I simply won’t. Except to God, whom I occasionally ask: “Give me ONE good reason for mosquitoes, God! Just ONE!”



56 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung….”

  1. The flowers that bloom, the birds that make their nest and the water in abundance in the river: it is the life that restarts. Beautiful post, Cynthia .
    Love ❤

  2. It was summer yesterday, here, now I think it’s heading for winter again. The next day may be summer again. Enjoy your Spring. I love that dove. 🙂

  3. You can’t have it all… beautiful garden and not have 1 tiny thing to bug you so you appreciate even more your slice of paradise.

  4. You are right Cynthia it is raining here in Ireland too. 😀 And your garden is looking lovely.

    1. Thanks, my friend. Whenever I visited Ireland, some friend would always tell me: “You should have been here last week. The weather was wonderful!” I came to think you Irish say that to everyone. tee hee….

  5. The dwarf iris are beautiful! Your spring garden is restful on the eyes and good for the soul.

    We have mosquitoes here, but far fewer than I remember from back east. 🙂 Encouraging bats and swallows to nest nearby may help with mosquito control.

  6. What a lot of rain you’ve had! Your garden looks lush and colourful though, and the iris are beautiful! You could try asking the rain to come here instead, as we need it desperately.

  7. Oh, you have trilliums!! I love them and see them growing wild down the road but I don’t have them in my very own garden. It’s all lovely!

  8. So beautiful 🙂 Hope that rain eases off soon though. We have rain forecast for days and days over here so perhaps it’s crossing the ocean and leaving you in peace to enjoy those wonderful blooms.

    1. Yes, Helen. I call it a “morning dove” (not “mourning dove) because it makes its soft, low cooing on my window sill in the morning. These birds are also monogamous, and do everything as a pair.

      1. How sweet – the pairs of wood pigeons and collared doves which frequent my garden are a delight to watch when they are cuddling up to each other. Anyway, thank you for giving a name to your dove.

  9. We have to take the biters along with the beauty. 😉 Along with mosquitoes,ticks are in full swing in Maine. I’ve already removed one from my leg. I expect there will be more.

  10. Your garden looks lovely, but that is quite a stream running there. We’re currently in the black fly season. They are little tiny things that just come in a wave unless you use bug spray. I wear a cap outside and spray the cap otherwise they bite, and with that many, it gets pretty tough to work out there. 🙂

  11. Your garden is looking beautiful. No wonder all God’s creatures delight in it. The mosquitoes are provided, I think, to help us with the development of quick reflexes and hand/eye coordination.Unfortunately, we never seem to improve our swatting skills as fast as the mozzies improve their evasion skills.

  12. Looks like Hamlin has been busy with Spring garden chores. Our gardens are mature enough that we mostly dig-divide-replant-gift cuttings to the neighbors. We are half way through spreading our (first) pile of 10 cubic yards of mulch. Enjoy Spring, as summer will be here in a few days. – Oscar

    1. He has! We’re just getting used to Spring — days before Summer officially begins. It’s been wet and cool so the flowers were delayed, but now it’s warm and sunny and I expect the valley will be covered with white dogwood flowers.

  13. Your garden looks lovely, as always, Cynthia. Everything looks just beautiful! Mosquitos – one of the creatures on earth whose presence has us all puzzled. Maybe to teach us patience? Ha!

  14. Your garden is beautiful, your hard work shows. If God lets you know about the mosquitos pass it on…I’ve often thought about that.

  15. The mosquitoes are feasting on me! Ugh. But I love the little river, the birds, the gorgeous irises. How do you get them to stay up, despite all the rain? And please tell me you’re seeing bees. I’m not, really. I’ve planted for them . . .

  16. Such beauty all around you and I love the morning doves especially their little calls. We have had so much rain too. Our pastures haven’t even had a first cut and there are areas in our lawn we haven’t been able to cut either and it’s raining as I type this. I finally gave in and called “Mosquito Joe” a local company that sprays as it was hard to even do barn work with so much standing water breeding those darn bugs. It’s been a pleasure since they sprayed as we can sit undercover at least on our deck. I am an outdoor girl and being cooped up inside does not work well for me ha ha. I hope you are well!

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